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  1. I do logic, had a logic writing sample. But I got a B in a logic course. I was accepted to 17 really great programs. It definitely won't be a thing to get your application thrown in the trash. (Though because I was worried about it, I did ask the professor who gave me a B to write me a letter of rec after taking another class of his and doing well).
  2. Declined Irvine LPS, Columbia, Michigan, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, UConn, and Pittsburgh.
  3. I solicited UConn and was told that I had been accepted.
  4. my ut austin waitlist also said I was "rather high" on the waitlist
  5. Also note that although Irvine is ranked as a single entity, there are two philosophy departments at Irvine. One more continental (Derrida was there!) and one heavily, heavily analytic, Logic and Philosophy of Science. So that's another quirk of the rankings. If there are multiple departments at one school, they're ranked as one, which makes Irvine look like an especially strange place.
  6. My verbal was 166 and i've been accepted at Notre Dame (which I will decline).
  7. Hey. It's me. My writing sample was in logic. I proved a theorem.
  8. To my knowledge, UCLA is all done for now. The visit days are pretty soon (Mar 7-9). So yeah. Who knows how they configure their waitlist though!
  9. So far, I've been admitted to 7 PhD programs: UC Irvine LPS, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Berkeley, UCLA, and UChicago. I am waiting on 12 more and am not really leaning one way or the other. (Here's a small argument for not immediately declining offers you likely won't take. If you have multiple offers, you can leverage them against each other for better funding packages. While I love philosophy and will study it come what may, I also love not starving and having good housing.)
  10. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone else received this ambiguous message from Michigan / whether you all think it indicates an acceptance. A professor there emailed me and said the committee was "currently reviewing my application" and that some applicants might be eligible for "one of our highly competitive university fellowships." The prof asked me to provide evidence of a commitment to diversity (in addition to the diversity statement).
  11. I don't know if this is the proper forum for this question, but anyway: Late last week a professor at a great school contacted me by email and asked me to provide additional information for a potential fellowship nomination. It's all very confusing. Does this mean I've been (or am going to be) accepted? The professor said the admissions committee was still reviewing applications, but that certain applicants (like me, presumably) might qualify for a competitive university-wide fellowship which requires nomination by the department. This school required a diversity statement (which I submi
  12. Yeah, maybe there's a mistake in the UCLA post. Could it be UCL instead? or KCL?
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