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    Can someone claim the MIT acceptance?
  3. jc177


    Fair points.
  4. jc177


    Hmm, how many acceptances have you seen? I've seen two, but there's probably more that I haven't seen - just hoping to get my rejection notice as soon as possible at this point.
  5. jc177


    That's what I'm wondering too. There have been two confirmed acceptances, but there are probably ppl who aren't announcing their acceptance. Also, someone has already been waitlisted, so I'm not really sure why there would be additional acceptances at this point. So I'm just going to assume that I got rejected.
  6. jc177


    Is it safe to say that Berkeley has released all of the acceptances? (It seems so, if the pattern of release from last year is a reliable guide.)
  7. jc177

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    I'm primarily interested in philosophy of language; I also have secondary interests in philosophical logic and epistemology.
  8. jc177

    Overall/Cumulative GPA

    Thank you for the replies.
  9. jc177

    Overall/Cumulative GPA

    Hi everybody, I recently graduated from UC Berkeley (where I stayed for 2 years as a full-time student); however, I've transferred schools twice during my time as an undergraduate: I first attended Cal State Fullerton for a year before transferring to a community college. My grades at Berkeley are somewhat decent: I have around a 3.91 GPA overall at Berkeley and a 3.93 in my upper-division philosophy classes at Berkeley. However, I spent my first year at Cal State Fullerton as a somewhat lackadaisical student (3.07 overall during that year; although my grades improved quite substantially during my second semester); as a result, my overall undergraduate GPA is 3.76, and my overall philosophy GPA (both lower and upper division) is around 3.95. At this point, I'm still a bit uncertain about where to apply. Does someone with my academic history have a reasonable shot at being accepted to a school in the top 15--assuming that they have an excellent sample and excellent letters? I understand that one should never expect to be admitted anywhere, but I still think it would be good to know where my grades wouldn't make my chances abysmal. Thank you so much for your input; I really appreciate your help!
  10. jc177

    AOI and letter writers

    Thank you very much for the replies! I now know how to approach this issue.
  11. jc177

    AOI and letter writers

    Hi all, *Firstly, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm inundating this forum with questions; I was wavering between applying to law school and grad school, and I finally chose the latter. Say that I want to concentrate in metaphysics. Would it be advisable to get a letter from the professor who taught my metaphysics class? What if I did better (grade-wise) in a different class? (I got an A- in metaphysics.) Thank you so much!
  12. Thank you all for the replies! I really appreciate it!
  13. Thank you for your response!
  14. I see. Thanks so much!
  15. Thanks! I'm not too worried about getting an A-. What I'm worried about is the A- being in my AOI/AOS. Do you think this matters?

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