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  1. Is anyone going to IU Bloomington?
  2. Hi, So I got invited to visit the campus of one of the schools I applied for for Earth Sciences and I'm not sure what would be appropriate to wear. Like do I wear full business casual or more like jeans and a nice shirt?
  3. @cavalior7005 I got the same email today! Thanks!
  4. Undergrad Institution: Mid Size State SchoolMajor(s): Geological SciencesMinor(s): Anthropology/ ChemistryGPA in Major: 3.67Overall GPA: 3.12Position in Class: average for entire graduating class, high in geologyType of Student: Domestic femaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q:153V:153W:5Research Experience: A geochemistry research project at home univ, paleontology research project at home univ, organic chem research project at home univ, paleontology research in Turkana Basin, Awards/Honors/Recognitions: NCAA All Academic TeamPertinent Activities or Jobs: NCAA athletics, greek life, geology club, Miss America Org, Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Various internships, GeoCorp, march for science board member, featured in nature, a lot of community outreachSpecial Bonus Points: met a potential advisor in person, one of my letters of rec is an alum, one letter of rec worked thereAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Applying to Where:Univ. Alaska Fairbanks- Earth Sciences- PaleontologyStony Brook- Anatomical Sciences- PaleontologyUniv. Indiana Bloomington- Earth Sciences- Paleontology Univ Nevada Las Vegas- Earth Sciences- Planetary geochem/ astrobiology (curve ball I know) Let me know if anyone has heard from any of these schools yet, I'm panicking

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