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  1. Adhi

    Heinz or Harris

    @juanlisa Are you saying people from other tracks (say the traditional Pittsburgh track) can shift to DA track after they have joined the program? Is it possible to change tracks?
  2. Hi, I have been admitted to CMU's MSPPM Pittsburgh track. I understand that it is a Masters in Science degree. However, I could not find any written material saying MSPPM is a STEM affiliated degree and the graduates are eligible for OPT extension. I absolutely love the program and everything it offers. But I really need to know if I will be eligible for the OPT extension post graduation. Can someone please clarify this? Thanks
  3. Adhi

    LKY MPP Admissions Interview

    Hi! Can someone please share their interview experience? Mine is next Tuesday and I am fretting about it. What kind of case studies will they give?

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