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  1. They have mentioned in FAQs that domestic applicants should apply before April 1. However, you can always check with program coordinator. She can guide you best especially if you have a strong profile.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been admitted into UT Austin's MSBA and Duke's MQM program but I'm unable to decide which one would be better. Any thoughts?
  3. I was interviewed in January. there's still little hope until rejection is received
  4. anyone who was interviewed and still hasn't heard back? those who have been admitted-> any idea how many students have been admitted so far?
  5. No, nothing from them. I guess they are not interviewing this time. i talked to one of those who were admitted in first round, he was not interviewed either, it was a direct admit. well they have mentioned themselves they'll interview only when it's necessary so maybe this time they are relying on video essays only. probably because of influx of applications.
  6. Congratulations! are you domestic or international applicant?
  7. yeah you still have another week to go. sure you too let me know when you have any update. Good luck to you too
  8. exactly. especially when they say they'll reply back in xyz time but they don't. some people on the other thread did get response in 4 days. i guess they are just waiting to see if my app is better or not as compared to others whom they're interviewing during this time.
  9. Yes i did video interview but I don't have a way to check if it has been viewed by them or not. It only shows when it was accessed by me last.
  10. I applied in round 2 too. my status is also in review but there's separate 'attention' note that appeared this week which says file forwarded to graduate committee for review.
  11. Has anyone applied to UT Austin's MSBA for fall'18? How much time will it take to get decision on application once application status says: file transferred to graduate committee for review?
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