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  1. HearInternationally

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    I've sent in all of my declines.... GAAAAH. Even though I know I don't want to go to the other schools, it is still extremely nerve wracking. What if I'm making the wrong decision? What if another place would be better...? All I know is that my declines will at least open up some spots for others. UIUC here I come! Now to start worrying about all the other aspects of grad life, such as housing...
  2. HearInternationally

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    UIUC? I haven't officially accepted my offer there yet, but that's where I'm going!
  3. HearInternationally

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    I've received all my acceptances, now the struggle with making the decisions. So far I have two schools that are offering funding, so... definitely weighing the options. I'm trying to decide as quickly as possible, as I know people will be eager to take the spots I open up. University of Illinois! I was there last week (I live out of the country) and they were super friendly. They were also really well prepared to answer questions and were more than happy to give me as much information as possible to help me make my decision. I am really curious about how many students will be at the Open House though, as they had a rather small incoming class last year. Best of luck to everyone!
  4. HearInternationally

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Awesome, thanks! I've unfortunately had to turn down the interview at JMU, as living abroad and finding flights and coordinating everything at the last minute has turned out to be infeasible (which makes me sad, because I was really interested in their program). But the other two... What was your overall impression of the programs at Univ. of Minnesota and Syracuse? I'm super interested in research (though I don't know what area yet) and so I'm looking for a program that gives me a good blend of clinical training and research opportunities. And since you've visited them, what did you think about the surrounding area?
  5. HearInternationally

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Hey all, Decided to stop lurking and add my anxiousness to the group. I applied to quite the mix of schools (JMU, U of I, Purdue, University of Maryland, University of Minnesota, Syracuse, and University Washington) in which I'll be out-of-state tuition at all of them, so funding is definitely going to be a big part of the decision. I've already been accepted at U of I with funding and tuition waiver. Interviewed with Purdue and will interview with Syracuse. Got the invitation for JMU, but I probably won't be able to go there, as I am currently living outside of the states and couldn't get those days off from my employer. Plus travel time... Sighs. I knew that would likely happen when I applied, but then, you never know, so I tried anyway. Still waiting to hear back from the other schools and trying not to anxiously refresh the results page too many times during the day... Best of luck to everyone!

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