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  1. JayF

    Columbus, OH

    I don't think there is housing for unmarried couples without children on campus. I know Buckeye Village is where some married couples with children live but I don't think they'd allow for you and your girlfriend to live together if you're not married. The Neil Ave building I believe has graduate housing. It's a fairly new building (4ish years old) on south campus close to the med center. But I wouldn't recommend living here because it's not the type of atmosphere for (most) grad students. As far as temporary housing, I would talk to the people in the Office of International Affairs to ask about it. http://oia.osu.edu/international-students.html They might provide info on that and I would think that people in the past have needed temporary housing while looking for places to live, especially students from abroad. Good luck!
  2. Yes I did and I was rejected. But no worries, I've happily decided on Arizona. Hello desert!
  3. Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to Arizona from the waiting list and I'm kind of unsure of what to do now. I was accepted earlier to SDSU's program and told them that I will be attending (by email only though, I have yet to actually register and pay a deposit). This has kind of thrown me for a loop since I was on a big San Diego kick for the past 3 weeks. I'm interested in foreign language acquisition and speech disorders in bilingual children. I was a Spanish major in undergrad and I always wanted to get involved in bilingual therapy. From SDSU's website it looks like there are about 5 professors in their department that do research in the fields I'm interested in and also there's the option of doing an actual bilingual track in their program. I've only seen one professor from Arizona do research with bilingual individuals but on the other hand I know it's one top rated programs in the country. There's also arguably more diversity in San Diego and more opportunity to work with Spanish-speaking people. So my question is.... do I change it up and commit to Arizona? Anybody have any information about professors at U of A doing bilingual therapy or research with bilinguals? Thanks!
  4. JayF

    San Diego, CA

    I just accepted my acceptance to SDSU this fall so I'll be making the big move out to California from the Midwest so I have a few questions. What's public transportation like? I won't have a car so I'll have to rely on public trans to move around. What's the farthest place from campus that I can live in and still have access to public transport to campus? Any recommendations for areas to go out? Lastly, what are some good websites to look at for apartments? I'm currently living in Spain and I'm moving back to the USA in July. I'll be going to SD in mid-July to look for places to live. I hope this is a good time for the apartment search.
  5. JayF

    Columbus, OH

    I went to OSU for undergrad and had friends that lived in basically every possible area of Columbus that I visited frequently so here are some thoughts for places to live and other randoms: Short North/Victorian village is probably my top recommendation for a place to live. It's quiet, close to campus but in an area where it's rare to see undergrads on the weekends. It's a family area and one of my good friends lived here with her two older sisters (one PT student, the other med student). Lots young families and overall nice people. It's a good area to go running when it's nice out and if you live close enough to Neil Ave. you are a short walk away from the med center. You're also a less than 10 min drive from downtown and the COTA buses run pretty frequently and they're free for anybody with a BuckID. The Short North is a great area filled with delicious and diverse restaurants and great bars (Bodega has an intense beer menu and if you go there for happy hour during the week go early). If you're in to sushi avoid Haiku on High Street in the Short North. It's overpriced for decent sushi (I didn't like it and neither did a couple of my Japanese friends). Tyfoon downtown is better but just as overpriced. Your best best is Akai Hana out on Henderson Rd. It's more authentic, DELICIOUS, better priced and right next to a Japanese market. Avoid driving on football Saturdays. Traffic is a nightmare anywhere close to campus. If you're going to deal with campus realtors AVOID Buckeye Real Estate and Home Team Properties. The people that work for these two places are evil and don't care to fix anything that gets broken. Customer service is awful and they will find ways to charge renters for the most asinine thing. Columbus is a really cheap place to live. If you're tight on money for your living situation, you can find decent one bedroom apartments close to campus for less than $500 a month. Columbus is a surprisingly diverse city. As a minority myself a lot of people told me before moving there that OSU and Columbus in general lacked diversity but after 4 years, whoever told me that was totally wrong. There's a scene for just about everybody. You just have to find it. I'm originally from Chicago and I can say that i LOVE Columbus! OSU has a great community feel and the students are dedicated to their school. Even if you're not into football, you can't help but get excited to watch the Buckeyes play. Campus is beautiful during Spring Quarter and the impressive newly built Student Union (which I've read is that biggest student union in the nation) and main Library are great additions to campus. On top of the great rec facilities and amazing med center, OSU is just an overall great place to study. I wish I was still there!
  6. Creo que ya sabes que debes hacer. Jaja. La oportunidad en SDSU a mi me parece muy bien para los bilingues, especialmente los que hablan castellano. Encima de eso, ya te ofrecieron un assistanship que aunque no es mucho, es algo. Suerte con tu decision!
  7. I personally think it's a bit foolish not to choose Purdue. It's a GREAT university and it's ranking speaks volumes. The Midwest is a great area to study and it makes me sad that people automatically think it's in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. The program is only two years and they're offering you so much financially that you'll be able to sleep easier knowing that you won't have to burden yourself with so much loans from grad school.
  8. Here's my situation: Applied: TC, U Arizona, Howard and SDSU Accepted: Howard and SDSU Waiting List: U Arizona Waiting: TC I did my undergrad at Ohio State and majored in Spanish and Biological Sciences. I did a minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences and I totally love the field. Though it was a hard decision when I applied to grad school because I did consider graduate studies in Spanish Linguistics. So far it seems that I'm going to SDSU but I really want to know about TC. Both schools have great (Spanish) bilingual focus and I really like that grad students have the opportunity to do clinic hours in Bolivia at TC. I'm currently teaching English in Spain so applying and now waiting abroad from schools has been one of the most stressful and nerve racking experiences I've ever encountered in my life. I constantly call my parents and demand updates every day about any mail that came for me. Good thing my students help keep me distracted every day. Hehe Also, are there any other males out there doing SLP? You women are DOMINATING this field!
  9. Hey it's so interesting you did some Tagalog coursework. Are you by chance Filipino? If not then it's so great to see people interested in my country's language. Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino! Btw I also applied to TC and I haven't received a decision or even the email saying they have made a decision. I'm getting so restless waiting!
  10. Hi everyone, I applied and was admitted to SDSU's program. Does anybody know if it's generally difficult for out-of-staters to get accepted to CA state schools? I only ask because I'm from the Midwest (from IL, undergrad at Ohio State) and I want to know if I'll be an odd duck not being from CA. I'm glad there were good things said about SDSU's program. Their bilingual certificate was one of their selling points because I did my undergrad in Spanish and I'm really interested in second language acquisition and bilingual therapy. Though I must admit I've never even set foot in SD before I'm almost positive I'll be going there so I'm making a semi blind decision.
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