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  1. Worried Grad Applicant

    Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Has anyone gotten interview emails from the Harvard MDE (Masters in Design Engineering) program? From previous year's posts it seems like they have interviews in mid-feb which is basically this week and early next week. I have heard nothing from the program and I'm freaking out!
  2. Worried Grad Applicant

    Harvard GSD Masters in Design Engineering (MDE)

    I know this is a year later but I am applying to the MDE program for Fall 2018. Some of you mentioned that the GSD faculty called you for an interview in mid-Feb. @CometCommander @eastcoast do you remember the specific dates when they sent out the email for the MDE interviews ? It is mid-feb now and I haven't heard from the program so I'm really stressing out. Any information would be really helpful. Thanks!
  3. Worried Grad Applicant

    Harvard MDE Fall 2018

    Hey has anyone heard back from the Harvard MDE (Masters in Design Engineering) program for an interview ? I am getting really worried since this is mid-feb and they send out interview emails around this week and I haven't received any sort of communication from the program.

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