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  1. I am sorry for such a late reply since I was really busy for my final exams in April!! I asked my professor who has worked at U of T about your question regarding accommodation. Her answer was that she doesn't know exactly what accommodations are available, but she said that OISE is distinct within U of T and really emphasizes diversity and equity, so they should provide necessary accommodations for students. I hope you're handling your anxiety well and getting ready for September. I think I'm feeling both anxious and excited, but I'm sure we'll be all excited once we've started sch
  2. Congratulations on the acceptance! And thank you so much for creating the facebook group. I'll join you guys after I finish my final exams! I have to create a facebook account first I look forward to meeting you.
  3. I'll also create a facebook account to just join the group, so I'll also have a "weird looking account with zero activity"
  4. Congratulations again! I also received my official acceptance package from U of T yesterday. Now we can finally fully relax! After I got "invited" on ACORN, I was still frequently checking ACORN to make sure that the invited wasn't taken away lol Now I can stop doing that Thank you for sharing the information about scholarship, too. My package also doesn't contain any info about entrance scholarship. I don't have a facebook account but I'll create one (after I finish my final exams) to just join the group although I probably won't be active on facebook because I don't really enjoy po
  5. Thank you very much! Yes, my status on ACORN changed to invited last week. I think everybody should be receiving their letters very soon.
  6. I live in Vancouver but I received my official acceptance letter from U of T today. I was glad it got to Vancouver earlier than what I expected
  7. I think those comments aren't true of everybody's experiences. Even if those comments are true, it doesn't mean all students who go to a 2 year MSW program cannot get a job after graduation. It's just describing the general tendency. And there are so many individual differences. Some students can get their dream jobs after graduation while some students may have difficulties finding jobs. And when it comes to looking for a job, your connections play a huge role. I'm also quite anxious about the job prospect but I think we just have to try our best and see what will happen! Earning the acc
  8. Having a thesis looks really good on your application. Have you presented your research at conferences yet? I feel like presenting at conferences helped me strengthen my application because not everybody who works as a research assistant presents at conferences. I think presenting at conferences will help you whether or not you get off the waitlist. If you get into U of T this year it'll look good on your resume when you look for a part-time research assistant position. If you have to try again next year it'll look good on your resume, too. My prof said that U of T probably wants a
  9. This list looks very helpful! I was also not very sure what experiences I was expected to have when I was applying. I notice that many people here are discussing about how to meet the experience requirement for MSW when you're coming straight out of your undergraduate. So I'd like to share my experiences: I got into U of T (2 year) without any work/volunteer experiences directly related to social work. But my experiences are classified as "teacher's assistant" and "research assistant" mentioned in the list. So my experiences were probably still deemed "social services experiences" i
  10. Yes, I can see that you crafted a perfect application! It would have been too much work if you had applied more than one school... I felt the same way. Like you said, I wasn't able to fall asleep last night! But at least it wasn't an anxious night anymore. I'm still a bit anxious though. I need to see an official acceptance letter before I can fully relax. In my last posting, I almost said "I love your obsessiveness" but I didn't because I wasn't sure if it would be perceived as a compliment lol Your obsessiveness will serve you well in grad school I actually don't have a facebo
  11. Happy birthday, Erin32796! As many other people already said, they will still continue sending out acceptance letters. So I hope you get a belated birthday present from U of T soon.
  12. Thank you so much, cat_not_kitty, and congratulations to you, too! Yes, relying on one school was really stressful. I debated whether I should apply for other schools as my backups, but I wanted to put all my energy onto my application for my first choice. I'm glad it worked out in the end. I can finally sleep without worrying about having a nightmare tonight By the way, your summary of when U of T sent out admission offers in the past years was so helpful! Thank you so much for all the informative and warm postings. I look forward to meeting you in September!
  13. That's what I'm also thinking, but according to the past postings everybody who got invited on ACORN received acceptance letters within a week! So I don't think we have to worry about it...
  14. No, it just says like this: Enrol & Manage You are not eligible for course enrolment. For assistance, please contact your registrar or graduate department. When I point the cursor to "invited", it says "You are still required to make the minimum payment or defer your fees for this academic session before your division's registration deadline. Before the deadline you are eligible to continue enrolling in courses, if applicable." So we probably need to make the payment first to see other contents on ACORN.
  15. No, I'm a current UBC student. I'm graduating from UBC in May. I know professors tend to prefer to take students who are coming from outside of their own universities, but this tradition is for research oriented programs. For MSW at U of T (course based), I think where you completed your undergraduate degree isn't a big factor.
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