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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/194051238055526/?source=create_flow
  2. if anyone wants to be part of the fb page, i'll set one up. Can you email me with your Facebook name, your target institution in Germany, the scholarship you received, and anything else you'd like to include, I just want to get a feel for who we've got. - I'm Alicja - ar3881@nyu.edu - posting this hoping i don't get spammed!
  3. Letter of award came! Check your emails!! Its officially official !
  4. Oh yeah theres a meet up in Bonn? I didn't know! Awesome! - although i'd rather do something non-DAAD organized
  5. Guys once this is all over and we are all settled in our schools, apartments, ect. i think it would be so cool if we could all meet up somewhere in Germany in the Fall. I kind of want to make some sort of Facebook group or something to keep us all together? Thoughts?
  6. nothing yet. no email or notification :/
  7. I don't know if this helps or hurts but I spoke with my schools advisor and he said when you are on "selection made" for a longer period of time it usually means that you "didn't make the first cut" and they are waiting for people to either accept/decline the award then they start taking the next people on the list as spots free up. I can't say that this is actually whats happening- the internal workings of DAAD are a mystery to everyone.
  8. so you got an email. i see. i don't have an email yet wait are you USA?
  9. did they notify you of that? where? how? i didn't ask for a language course but i'm curious how they communicated with you?
  10. no email or confirmation. but mine does say "graduates" and i do have a declaration of acceptance on the side as well in order to accept my decision.
  11. My application status went to funding ! ! "Graduate Studies of all Disciplines 2018/2019" DAAD NY UNREAL
  12. wow sorry to hear but yo GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! i wish you all the best in your studies!!!! damn the competition really is fierce.
  13. guys. guys. guys. guys. my status changed to selection made. anyone else?????
  14. I don't mean to be a downer but .....I counted 133 for last years published list on their website, and thats USA and Canada combined. It also doesn't say specifically which graduate scholarship as the list is just for "graduate" and there are multiple graduate scholarships, the one for "all disciplines" might actually be a lot less . Also just because there are more applicants doesn't mean they are accepting more people. It all depends how much money the german gov. is giving for foreign education. On a more hopeful note -if anyone has seen the party platform for the CDU they are actually big
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