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  1. I looked for others to apply, but summer that accept international students few and already closed ..
  2. So is it expected that the end result will come out next week?
  3. Can you tell me what it had in the email?
  4. "We wanted to let you know that we received your application, and that we are looking forward to reviewing it. We’ll aim to let you know the status of your application on February 23rd at the latest." They sent me this last month final, and so far nothing. I do not think I'll be selected.
  5. I thought the interview was a mandatory part of the selection. What labs/professor did you indicate in the application?
  6. What did it say in your email? For when the interview? My hope is lost :/
  7. I have not received anything so far, apparently I will not have a positive answer.
  8. When do they send the email? First march week? I did apply too.
  9. Did anyone get an answer by email? positive or negative
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