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  1. jfgslp

    San Diego, CA

    Hi folks! Looking for roommates for a place to live near SDSU (within a few miles and/or public transit - I will have a car but prefer not to drive to school). I'm a 20-something male Masters student in speech-language pathology. I tend to work lots outside of the house during the weekdays but be social and enjoy company/going out on the weekends. I'm pretty easy-going and open to living with grad students of any gender. Message me if you're interested! (My name's Johnny) ?
  2. jfgslp

    San Diego, CA

    Hi all! I recently committed to SDSU for my M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology starting this fall. I'm moving from the east coast and am wondering around what time frame I should be looking for housing? I'm tied up until mid-August, so I'll be moving out around then and would be looking for a place to rent starting then (of course, I understand the beginning of August is more reasonable/likely). I know someone currently in the program who said they would let me know if anyone from their cohort is looking for a roommate next year. But, I'm wondering if I should be looking on my own/start asking people in my cohort. I've only ever lived on campus and know little about housing in San Diego, and again, am mostly concerned with the timeline. Thanks again!
  3. jfgslp

    Umass Amherst Admissions

    I heard that the admissions part of SPIRE was down for a few weeks after the deadline, leaving the committee unable to even look at applications at a crucial time, much less review and discuss them. So, I think notifications might be a little bit later this year than in previous years.

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