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  1. Thanks so much for doing so! I have to explain one thing that I’m sorry for not taking the time differences into account since I’m not in US now. And I’m sorry for my improper words and I will try to report spam topics as soon as I notice one. Sorry again!
  2. Hi! I'm surprised to see there are so many spam topics in this forum, almost in every sections with strange words. It causes great convenience for people to find new and useful information. It seems that some people pilfer other user's accounts or register accounts for malicious purposes. Anyway I really hope they can disappear and won't bring trouble to other people any more.
  3. PsyJessica

    Houston, TX

    Hello everyone! I will be attending University of Houston this fall and it will be the first time for me to go there (actually the second time to go to US lol)! I have to say sorry first if I use improper words. Therefore I really want to get useful and recent information there. For example, would you please recommend some specific communities? Safety is the priority and I also hope I won't spend too much time commuting. And I'm wondering when it's the best time for me to looking for apartments. By the way, I also want to know if SSN is necessary for renting an apartment because I'm worried that I need to find a place to sleep before getting to school and beginning my TA work. Also, I will get a stipend of about 1,600 per month and want to know more about the cost of living there. For example, how much it will cost if I cook most time and go to restaurants(of course, not luxury ones)? Only when I know that, I can decide how much I can use to find a cozy, single apartment to live in. I heard that this city is a multi-cultural place so I really look forward to pursuing graduate study there! Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks! Yes, they will stop funding when I'm in "all-but-dissertation" status but I won't receive a stipend and the cost of living there really bothers me. Anyway I appreciate your suggestions and try to get more information before making a choice.
  5. Thanks again for all suggestions! I feel strongly supported in this forum. To add the program information, I just now knew that Program B didn't provide financial support after the first several years and it seems that students will need to fund themselves when working on dissertation and taking last classes. It came as big bad news for me because I don't think I can do so due to my economic conditions and the difficulty for international students to find jobs while doing research work. However, to make a decision merely according to financial aid is something I never imagine... I think I need to calculate the pros and cons for both programs once again because this news really breaks the seeming balance. Any advice on that? Should I attach great importance to the availability of funding? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your so patient reply. In fact, my POI in Program A still had some ongoing projects and his recent students seem to have good publications to help them find a position in university. And the mentorship in the program is relatively flexible and I can have a co-advisor according to my research interest in or out of the department. And actually there is already another professor I love to work with but will come to see after attending. And as for Program B, I think I will take your advice to set up Skype conversations with my POI and current students. I hope to collect enough information before the final decision. I know your opinions about ranking - it's not so important. But I'm not sure if a better ranking means more chances to meet and work with more outstanding professors and cohort students as well as more opportunities when looking for positions after graduation. That's why I hesitated. And for weather, yes, we can not change it to a warm place:( but for me it's a small bonus for Program A (though I know for some people, they even won't take it into account). All in all, I appreciate your advice very much and it really gave me some good directions about what to do next to make a better decision.
  7. Thanks! I did ask several current students and will try to collect more information. Thanks for your advice!
  8. Thanks so much for your reply and the example you gave, which really came as a relief. I know the importance of being in a supportive and comfortable program and hope my feelings about it now is something true rather than imagination. Good luck to you, too!
  9. Hello everyone! I've benefited from this forum for a long time but it's the first time for me to post new topics. Also, as my mother language is not English, I want to say sorry first for any possible improper expression in this topic. Recently I'm accepted to two I/O PhD programs and feel it hard to make decisions.(And I know I shouldn't procrastinate any longer)Therefore, I hope to get some suggestions there. Here is some information about these two programs. Program A: It has a medium ranking.The potential advisor is very famous in his area and his research area is something I think I like (at least I enjoy it at this moment). As far as I know, his advising style seems fit to me. BUT due to his age, he is not that active in academia as before and we can see it from the number of his publications every year though I can feel his great passion for research. From conversations with current students, I can feel it's very collaborative within the program. They're very warm and helpful! Program A is located in a city and I like the multicultural context and climate there. It seems to have some internship opportunities there. Program B: It has a significantly better ranking. The research interest of my potential advisor who is also very famous in his area is a little bit wide which really covers something I like and something far away from me. Because they don't have interviews and I can't go to the V day, I can't personally generate an impression of his advising style. From the emails, I feel that he is strict and passionate with his research. Program B is located near a city with many internship opportunities. However, I'm not sure if I will adjust myself to climate and the environment there. For myself, I think I will have an academic career until now but I expect any possibilities in the future. And I don't know how much the prestige of a program will affect the possibility for its students to get a faculty position. And the offer from Program B came just shortly before and I think I have had some emotional bonds with Program A (I think I will go there so I may find a lot of reasons and evidence to support it) so I don't think I can be objective enough to make final decisions. Hope to get any advice on this. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks so much! I’m happy to know this!
  11. Hi! Congratulations! Have you received the official acceptance letter from Houston? I was informed of an informal admission but never received the official letter. Really want to go there so hope you can share more! Thanks!
  12. Really? I hope so but he didn't mention the admission and the intention of the talk in the email, which may be a little bit strange. Anyway fingers crossed...Thanks for your kind reply and good luck to you, too!
  13. Hi guys, I'm an applicant for I/O program and waiting for the final decision from a university. Actually I've had two talks with professors there and I guess I can get a result this week. However, my POI contacted me just now and wanted to have one more talk with me. I'm very anxious. Have you ever met this situation before? I even don't know what he plan to talk with me and fear if it's a type of waitlist:( I really want to hear your views. Good luck to everyone!
  14. Has anyone heard back from Houston? Really want to go there so extremely anxious!!
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