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  1. Got rejected (portal status change), but at least the long wait is finally over. (postgradudate scholarship, all disciplines, south-eastern europe) Good luck to the ones still waiting!
  2. Sorry to hear about the rejection. In the meantime, no new info here and it's the end of the work day. With the Easter right around the corner, I guess I'll see you guys on Tuesday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everybody!
  3. Yeah, still no news..
  4. Hello! Same here, it could be some scheduled maintenance, or they could be prepping us for some (bad) news (mass rejection haha) I am worried because some people (although all of them humanities students, and I'm applying for mechanical engineering) got their acceptance email on Thursday, and my status is still "Vorauswahl erfolgt", no email. Whichever way, I wish you good luck and keep us posted. I will post if something happens. For the record, my DAAD office is the one for Eastern Europe and Turkey, application deadline 15th of November and I had the interview in early February.
  5. Hi guys! Any news/feedback on Graduate Scholarships (all disciplines)? Also, do you know if they send results to students of humanities and tech/natural sciences separately (at different times), since our interviews were held separately too? Good luck to everyone and thanks in advance!
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