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  1. So sorry just seeing this now!! It seems to be able over the place. I have an undergrad in psych with a thesis marks around 85 and post grad in concurrent disorders average around 90. 5 years work experience in mental health and addiction and 2 years teaching a college course. Hope this helps
  2. You never know but for the first cohort there was over 150 applicants. Glad to see they are accepting more. I have faith in you all!!
  3. I feel like the may entry was told that if they did not got accepted they would be considered for septemeber but i somehow feel that isnt true just because any other school if you are denied you have to reapply. For our may cohort there is about 45 students so i am not sure but maybe the acceptance has gone up.to 80?
  4. Just a week or two between each class or semester! This semester it was a 6 week class 2 weeks off another 6 week class 2 weeks off before second semester!
  5. In it now and love it! Really well laid out and running smoothly for a first timeprogram. Lots of work though lol
  6. Thats what they tild us originally but we found out 2 weeks before. Lol
  7. Hi there I have an undergraduate degree in psych with a these and research experience- average was 83%, and a post grad in concurrent disorders with a 95% average. I have 3 years of volunteer and 4 years of paid work experience as a case manager at CMHA and also worked in a clinical detox. I also teach part time for a college course in issues and ethics. They took 52 students this year I was told hope this helps.
  8. Hi there, I have only applied to laurier online program for May and have been accepted and will be attending. It is six week courses one at a time for 2.5 years. There is a small break (a week) between each course. There is also a placement component. I would apply and I am sure in a few months you will have feedback from us who have started. It is all that works for me so I'm looking forward to it and blessed to start!!
  9. Hmm I thought miljana was the main for the online program
  10. She didnt say anything but this call was 5 mins ago if you wanna call!
  11. I got a call from laurier this evening (online program). I was told 52 people were accepted and there will be a webinar in two weeks to explain how to enroll for classes ect. I was told a student success advisor would be my next point of contact setting things up to get started for May.
  12. Praying for you to be a classmate remain hopeful.
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