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  1. Lo-Waldo11

    Columbia MSW Applicants (Fall 2018)

    Congratulations on your acceptance and best of luck to you!!
  2. Lo-Waldo11

    Columbia MSW Applicants (Fall 2018)

    Hi everyone! I just got my acceptance letter from Columbia for their Social Work program (advanced standing Clinical track). Feeling very humbled. I've already accepted admission into Boston College, though, because they offered me a scholarship and it seems like a better option overall from a financial perspective. I applied to their advanced standing program on November 18th and JUST heard back. It shows me that if anyone is really worried about the fact that they haven't heard back, don't lose hope.
  3. Lo-Waldo11

    BC School of Social Work

    Hey! I was accepted into the ASP program at BC. I just signed a lease for a house in Brighton. We will have a room opening up for Fall if you're interested.
  4. Lo-Waldo11

    BC School of Social Work

    Hey to anyone whose been admitted: is anyone looking for a roommate from June 2018 - May 2019? I need a roommate!
  5. Lo-Waldo11

    BC School of Social Work

    I submitted 11/10, and my professors that recommended me submitted their recommendations by 12/2/17 (don't know if that has an influence on when they considered my application "complete")
  6. Lo-Waldo11

    Columbia MSW Applicants (Fall 2018)

    Congratulations!! I know it was your #1 so that's very exciting
  7. Lo-Waldo11

    BC School of Social Work

    Hi guys just wanted to let you know I heard back via email from Boston College on Tuesday, 2/27 around 11 AM EST that I was admitted into their Advanced Standing Clinical program and that a letter was on its way. I called and she verified that they were sending the letter out on Friday the 2nd. Maybe this helps!
  8. Lo-Waldo11

    Columbia MSW Applicants (Fall 2018)

    Hey guys! I have been neurotically checking this forum multiple times per day. I am an advanced standing candidate in clinical social work, applied on the 18th of November and have YET TO HEAR BACK. You can tell I'm super chill about it. Curious if any ASP candidates have heard back yet? All I'm seeing on this forum are people for the 2 year program having heard back.

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