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  1. A few weeks ago I was admitted to the Laurier 2 year MSW ? I am so excited. Are there any future WLU students looking to connect? Best of luck with the course selection this morning!
  2. Hoping and praying for the UofT applicants today ? I hope you all get your answers soon. The time for Laurier applicants is coming... *shutters*
  3. Where exactly does the status change on LORIS? I can only view my application and no where on the site can I see a status ?
  4. Hi everyone, I seem to be in the same anxious boat as everyone else. It’s driving me over the edge, I’m doing my best to stay calm. I was hoping for some reassurance: I’ve been digging around on the forum but I haven’t found confirmation from someone with experience applying to WLU. I applied to the Laurier 2 Year program. According to their website, acceptance will go out via email (not LORIS?). Can anyone gaurentee this, or should I be making another call to register services? Also- will the acceptance/rejection be in the subject line of said email? I want to brace mys
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