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  1. That is weird! personally I would call, I don't think I would be able to hold it together and wait until the evening lol. You've got nothing to lose if you call now. Good Luck!
  2. I go to the rejection email lol they sent it like around 4:40..check yours again
  3. I called and she told me basically the same thing she told you, then I asked "So does that mean that if you didn't get an email in regards to an interview you should be expecting a denial letter?" and she said "more than likely yes" ??
  4. Really? all the acceptance letters?....I will probably be getting a rejection letter since I did not even get an interview, I should probably call the office and ask about us that have not heard about an interview..What number did you call?
  5. I'm doing the same, Child Welfare. Ugh this really sucks, at least you girls already had an interview!. I heard that once you do the interview you are basically in! So good luck! I would def encourage either one of you to email Kelly maybe like mid next week to follow up.
  6. riiiight!!! just let us know!.. If anyone calls to follow up or emails, let me know I don't want to email her anymore lol I think I've annoyed her enough ahaha
  7. Mine has been saying that "your application had been sent for graduate review" since the beginning ? Sadly, I don't think that means anything.
  8. Thanks, good luck to you as well, let me know if you hear back.
  9. No I didn't, I probably will next time if I don't get in. I know seems to be a very long process! The waiting is def. not fun. Kelly said that interviews will be ongoing until end of May (nxt wk) so will see what happens.
  10. I emailed Kelly on Friday and she emailed be back today saying "We hope to have notifications out to all applicants by the end of May to let you know if you were accepted or not into the program." Too bad I haven't even gotten an email about going to an interview! so frustrating. At this point I'm honestly thinking I'm just going to get a denial letter. Seems pretty late to be offering interviews since the "end of May" is literally next week. ......Anyway, hope this helps you guys.
  11. Thanks, by the way just out of curiosity did you hear from CSUF yet? ( I know you are going to CSULB)
  12. Oh that's great! Thanks, If I ever hear from them I will let you know if I will need the questions lol thanks for offering.
  13. Congrats on your interview! Yeah I've noticed that too, my friend applied two years ago (she just graduated) and she didn't hear until May 15th! so that gives me some hope back. Good luck on your interview! let me know how it goes.
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