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    Asian Studies, Religion (particularly Buddhism), Women's Studies, Anthropology (particularly ethnobotany), Law, Public Policy, Literature, Sociology, History, Spanish, Hindi, Social Justice, Art History, Indian Classical Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Latin American Studies
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  1. Bodhicaryavatara

    Fall 2019 Applications

    Thanks! I pray that they are generous with merit-based aid.
  2. Bodhicaryavatara

    Fall 2019 Applications

    I got an acceptance from Columbia MSW program last night!!!
  3. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia MSW Program

    I GOT IN!!!!
  4. Bodhicaryavatara

    Which MLIS programs are strongest for law librarianship?

    Will be shooting you a PM!
  5. Bodhicaryavatara

    MLIS Application Cycle for Fall 2019

    Anyone else apply to Pitt?
  6. Bodhicaryavatara

    MLIS Application Cycle for Fall 2019

    Applying to Pitt (online); ready to submit soon. Hope they're generous with scholarships?
  7. Bodhicaryavatara

    Online vs. in-person programs?

    How is the job market in law librarianship?
  8. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Right. I took a narrow approach as well (gender-based violence in the South Asian American community).
  9. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia MSW Program

    Ahh you're right. The admissions office was understaffed last year.
  10. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Do we have any say/choice regarding field placements? Can we state our preferences for particular agencies/orgs?
  11. Bodhicaryavatara

    South Asian Studies, 2018-19 cycle

    Anyone else applying for FLAS? I hope to do Hindi (I'm Intermediate at the moment).
  12. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

  13. Bodhicaryavatara

    Questions for MSW students/grads...

    Thank you! Is your field internship 21 hours a week?
  14. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    When did you find out about the merit based scholarships thru the school? I can't find such info on the website.
  15. Bodhicaryavatara

    Fall 2019 Applications

    I graduated in 2017, registered for the bar, and have been working in a JD required position. I did write an addendum addressing medical reasons for the application. To give some context, law school is graded on a forced curve. At my school, the median was set to a 2.9/3.0ish, meaning that 50% of the class had a 3.0+ GPA and 50% class fell below. 2.87 looks bad to someone who's not familiar with law school grading systems, but based on the forced curve, I'm in the middle 50% of the class. So not remarkable, but not bottom of the barrel either. Are MSW programs graded on a forced curve?

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