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  1. While I'm grateful and excited about the opportunity, I'm exceedingly nervous about starting and feel like I didn't "deserve" my acceptance (my law school GPA was garbage). And Columbia's reputation as an intense "stress factory" doesn't help. ?
  2. I was accepted to Columbia for this fall, but GSAS allowed me to defer until next fall due to the fact that the judge I'm clerking for asked me to stay on another year!
  3. Bodhicaryavatara

    Language resources for religious studies (let's compile a list!)

    What's a good resource for Modern Tibetan?
  4. Where are you employed? How much are you earning? Do you have any regrets? Are you in a lot of educational debt? ETA: I think these are really cool disciplines. Just saying that society in general views them as "fluff", nonlucrative, etc.
  5. Bodhicaryavatara

    Are public universities just stingy with scholarship money?

    Ahh got it. I thought your department at Columbia made decisions on FLAS because I submitted my application directly through my Columbia online application portal.
  6. Yes! I will be very connected to the legal community through pro bono volunteering, networking, bar association events, etc. I'm solidly dedicated to nonprofit/legal aid/NGO/gov't.
  7. Bodhicaryavatara

    Are public universities just stingy with scholarship money?

    The merit scholarship is in the $10-20K range, but FLAS will cover a lot more, including a summer.
  8. Bodhicaryavatara

    Are public universities just stingy with scholarship money?

    Yeah, I felt just surprised and lucky that Columbia gave me anything, given the "cash cow" reputations of terminal MA programs. And the FLAS fellowship will cover even more! What area of art history will be your focus?
  9. Yes, I'm interested in JD-required and JD-advantage jobs. My law school is modestly ranked (second tier) but the MA program is Ivy League.
  10. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University 2018

    And congrats to you as well! ?
  11. Bodhicaryavatara

    South Asian Studies 2017-2018

    My deferral to fall 2019 has been granted!
  12. I was accepted and will be attending Columbia for an MA program with a substantial scholarship; I was accepted to two much lower-ranked state schools (SUNY, etc.) with absolutely nothing. I found this surprising, given the disparity in prestige/ranking. I was told by current SUNY students that the MA program is a "cash cow" for the university and that only Ph.D. candidates get all the "perks" (stipends, fellowship funding, etc.)
  13. Recent law school graduate here!  I'm willing to field questions from Gradcafe users about the LSAT, law school application process, the JD program itself, legal jobs, maintaining your sanity, etc.  ?

  14. I'm interested in law/human rights-related jobs, but I'll have an MA in addition to my JD. Any anecdotes/feedback would be appreciated! ?
  15. Bodhicaryavatara

    South Asian Studies M.A. program at Columbia University

    Sorry for the late reply! I have a JD and started a Judicial Clerkship in August 2017-these are supposed to be 1 year gigs, but my judge was satisfied with my work product and asked me to stay on another year, so that is why I deferred to fall 2019. Congrats on the scholarship! Will this be a terminal MA, or do you plan to get your PhD? I'm quite distanced from college (2010 grad), so I'm thinking I might be too old by the time I finish my PhD? (mid-late 30s). I also really want to practice law. I plan to live off campus, but in Morningside Heights. You have to be enrolled FT to live in campus housing, and I'll only be taking three classes a semester. Did you apply for the FLAS fellowship? I did for Hindi! I'm at an intermediate stage at the moment. I only applied to Columbia! I've heard good things about Michigan, but Columbia has the Ivy pedigree, and plus, NYC seems much cooler than Ann Arbor! It also has the UN, and I'm interested in international human rights work focused on South Asia. What specialization will you pursue? I'm interested in Religion. I hope to also take courses at SIPA and Columbia Law.

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