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  1. I am serious. I finished law school with a 2.87 GPA (36th %ile in my graduating class) and took longer than three years to complete the degree, which casts doubt on my ability to complete graduate level work successfully.
  2. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Does anyone know: 1. If online MSW candidates are eligible for FLAS; and 2. What the acceptance rate is?
  3. Bodhicaryavatara

    MLIS Application Cycle for Fall 2019

    Not all MLIS programs require the GRE.
  4. Recent law graduate here. How rigorous are MSW programs compared to other grad programs, specifically JD? Are you graded on a forced curve like I was in law school? Should I expect to spend significantly more time on classes compared to in a JD program? Is the stress level much greater? I'm just concerned that I can't "hack it" or that I'm not fit for graduate-level studies.
  5. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    That's the hardest of the three questions for me!
  6. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    I'm interested in the legal side of social work myself. I really hope they're generous with scholarships. It will cost a pretty penny even if I'm doing the online program and living with family.
  7. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    What will be your concentration? Mine is Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice with a focus on Health, Mental Health and Disabilities.
  8. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Didn't see a thread for this. Hope to submit my app for the online program later this month.
  9. Bodhicaryavatara

    The Positivity Thread

    I just set up an initial appointment at a TMS clinic. Hopefully with this treatment, I'll be mentally well enough in time for grad school next fall. I'm really optimistic.
  10. Bodhicaryavatara

    What are the warning signs for a "cash cow" graduate program?

    There are same programs at public schools in other states (U of Washington, U of Michigan, etc.) but I'd have to pay non-resident tuition, so the cost would be comparable to Columbia. I do know that Columbia has a good track record of sending grads to the UN, which is what interests me. I'm also interested in NGO work and a grad of this particular program is an Executive Director of a domestic violence nonprofits. The two people on Linkedin who didn't respond to me were in PhD programs. I don't think that the MA coordinator was being purposefully cagey-I didn't really push for detailed jobs stats, but I could follow up with him. The website says, "Recent graduates of our MA program have been accepted to competitive doctoral programs at Columbia, Cornell, McGill, NYU, and the University of Cambridge. Graduates are working in the fields of Journalism, the non-profit and NGO sector, and at the United Nations."
  11. What makes the Columbia EALAC progam a "cash cow"?
  12. Bodhicaryavatara

    Human Rights 2019

    Didn't see a thread for this, so thought I'd create one! Anyone applying to Columbia's MA program?
  13. OP, are you applying to Columbia's Human Rights program for fall 2019?
  14. Bodhicaryavatara

    Columbia Human Rights Program

    OP, did you get into this program?
  15. I was accepted to an M.A. program at Columbia University for fall 2018, but was granted a deferral to next fall. While I was initially overjoyed, I've been reading online that Columbia has a notorious reputation for "cash cow" masters programs. What are the red flags that a grad program is a "cash cow"? FWIW, the program I got into is partially funded, requires a thesis, and is quite small. I was told by the M.A. coordinator that the acceptance rate is about 50%, so it's not like they accept everyone. I'm just hoping that this is a good return on investment. I've reached out to alums on LinkedIn, but they have not been responsive, which doesn't help as I'm looking for an insider perspective. The M.A. coordinator vaguely said that 50% of the program's grads go on to get PhDs, and the rest seek jobs at NGOs, nonprofits, the UN, etc. I think grad schools should be required to publish detailed employment stats, the way law schools have to. Any perspective would be appreciated!

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