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  1. I received my acceptance in the mail today!
  2. Hopefully only 1 more week! This is the last university I have yet to hear back from... and probably my first choice. Waiting is sooo hard, lol. Do you know if we have to wait for an email/letter? Or is there another way we can check to see if we got in? (Example: LORIS, etc.)
  3. Did you apply to any other programs? Is the notification for campus supposed to go out mid May too?
  4. I am also waiting to hear back from Dalhousie (distance). Did you apply to the on campus or distance program?
  5. Hi, Would anyone who took their BSW at Dalhousie (distance) or Lakehead (Orillia) be willing to share some of their experiences/thoughts with me? Thank you ?
  6. Hi folks, I realize that this thread began last year, but I was hoping to get some feedback regarding the BSW program (distance) at Dalhousie. I was accepted to Lakeheads 1 year HBSW and am waiting to hear back from Dalhousie (in mid-May). Would anyone (from Dalhousie or Lakehead) be willing to share some of their experiences/thoughts with me? Thank you ?
  7. Hello, I’ve been following this thread for awhile now, but this is my first post. I applied to MSW programs a couple of years ago but didn’t get in so this year I applied to the HBSW program at Lakhead and the distance education BSW from Dalhousie. I’ve been accepted into Lakeheads (Orillia) HBSW program and am trying to decide if I accept or not. I won’t hear back from Dalhousie until May. I am currently trying to come up with a list of pros and cons for each program... I was wondering if anyone would be able/willing to offer me some insight... (thank you Karisma for the info above)
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