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  1. I got my MA from a non prestigious school that is not even in America. I have dropped out of school on three separate occasions, I had decent marks but my transcripts were far from perfect. All that matters is your writing.
  2. Do not go to an MFA to work with the most famous person there because they have the least time for their students.
  3. Got into a PhD in creative writing with an MA in lit, not an MFA. And so did the other person they accepted this year. All that matters is your writing. Prestige matters in the job market.
  4. Wisconsin is by far the most prestigious and has the best faculty. No one warns you that Amherst is ridiculously expensive and the program is large and competitive with uninspiring fiction faculty. Also a notoriously hard program on POC if that's a concern. UVA, meh. Maybe the school has a good reputation but I don't know how far that extends to the program.
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