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  1. Our Orientation reps will make a fb group for all CSD students (SLP + Aud) shortly after your deposits are made to hold your place!
  2. Hey! I'm currently a student at Western, and I did my undergrad at Mac - I picked Western because of how established the school is, based on how long it's been around. I know Mac's program is pretty new, which detoured me a bit. The program is likely focused around problem-based learning (because Mac is where the whole PBL thing originated), so I anticipate that it would be a lot of self-directed learning and group work, which isn't necessarily bad in this field. However, I tend to learn better with a more guided approach. Here, the profs will give you the knowledge, examples and theory, then you're expected to apply the knowledge via clinical cases either in the form of individual or group work. I do feel quite confident in the classes I've taken, and quite honestly, in this field, you'll never really feel like you know everything 100%. There will always be people with things you've never seen before. In terms of environment, everyone here (students and professors) are all there to help you succeed. Notes/resources are shared openly to everyone and everyone is very encouraging and supportive of each other. Professors are incredibly understanding and passionate about what they teach. As for placements, Western is the only school with a on-site clinic. The HA Leeper Clinic is actually in our building and is a fully functioning clinic with speech and hearing services to the public. As SLP students, we have access to clinic resources (e.g. testing/assessment materials etc.) that are helpful to our assignments. We also have first placements in the clinic, with SLPs/clinical supervisors who know what courses we've taken and so they know the extent of our knowledge and help us as they see fit (which is super re-assuring as a novice clinician heading into your first placement).
  3. I’m at Western for speech right now, and we’re a class of 52.
  4. Hey! I don't think your chances for applying would be harder just because you're an international student - as long as you meet the prerequisites, they should view your application the same. I'm currently studying SLP at Western, and many of my classmates have different undergraduate degrees, again, as long as the prerequisites are met, they will look at your application. As for volunteering experience, you need the 14 hours as indicated on the websites, but of course, doing more is better. On the ORPAS app, I believe they also ask you about other volunteer experiences that are unrelated to CSD, so you can write down all the other things you've done there. Taking a year or two off before professional school is quite common and I don't think this would hurt your chances - just double check to make sure the courses used to fulfill prerequisites are still current (e.g. some expire by year 2020 or something). Also make sure you still have a way of contacting you academic references. If you have further questions, you can always email or call the universities that you are interested in. Good luck!
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