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  1. Lol I'm literally in the exact same boat as you! I've been accepted into U of A, Western and U of T and it's been a major struggle trying to figure out which program to pick. 🙈 After hours and hours researching the programs I haven't gotten one step closer to picking a program 😛 - So I can totally relate!!
  2. Thanks! so far I just have an offer notice on the ORPAS choices/ offer page. I didn't receive any sort of notification from the schools, I just kept checking the ORPAS website lol
  3. I found out this morning that I got accepted into Western and U of T! Does anyone know the tuition costs for these schools? Are they all pretty comparable across the board?
  4. They sent me a message through my graduate portal account!
  5. Got accepted into the U of A!!! Feels amazing
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