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  1. Veronica.Fany

    EPFL doctoral school starting date

    Hey guys, I just got interview invitation from two epfl professors this week. One of them invited me to interview and asked when can i start the project. however after I replied his email saying i can start on october, no news from him. it is almost a week now. Another one also invited me for interview this week and asked me when can i start, i told him i can start on October and gave him a time window for interview (supposed to be today). but, again... i hear nothing until now. i have sent a reminder email but also no reply. I wonder if this has something to do with my starting time on October and the academic course in epfl starts on 18 Sept. I cannot really leave the country I am doing the master study until at least 20 Sept because I am under scholarship. Any doctoral student here, what is your opinion for two weeks late to enter the doctoral school? I hope it should not be that big of problem as it is only about two weeks anyway...
  2. Veronica.Fany

    ETH Z├╝rich Autumn 2018 Admits

    Anyone applying for phd program? Can someone tell me the usual approximate time from applying to interview process?
  3. Veronica.Fany

    Summer@EPFL 2018

    Anyone applying phd for the April deadline?

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