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  1. RallyGoose

    University of Michigan School of Information

    Wanted to post an update. I just checked my portal to discover I've been admitted! I am freaking out!
  2. RallyGoose

    Anybody still waiting on a decision?

    I applied to Michigan in Jan and was waitlisted. Still waiting to hear what they plan to do with me.
  3. RallyGoose

    University of Michigan MSW 2018

    Lurking gradcafe for a bit and joined to ask the question: has anyone been accepted off of the waitlist without having to interview? I've had my fingers crossed at getting off of the waitlist, and I haven't been requested to interview. It's the start of June and I'm losing more hope.
  4. RallyGoose

    University of Michigan School of Information

    Applied in Jan and still nothing. I've sent a follow up email and received no response. Has anyone even heard of any rejections going out yet?

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