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  1. Hey y'all, I'm a current MA student who's joining the PhD Human Development (developmental psych) program in the fall. Feel free to hit me up with any questions on Ithaca or about campus!
  2. Seems like it! I just received an invite for the Cornell interview - Feb 6-8th. (I'm the one posted in the results page). DM me if ya want POI initials, and good luck to ya all! No idea if they have sent out all or just some of them.
  3. Official invites haven't gone out yet. Based on the schedule last year (from the results page) they should go out this week or next (hope I get one!). Are you applying? 😉
  4. Hey Ya'll! I'm going to Cornell for a M.A. in the Human Development program in the fall! I live in Ithaca now/have been here since fall. Hit me up with questions on the area if ya got them. Things I've learned so far: Collegetown is where the undergrads live and supposedly has a party vibe at night - but it's lovely during the day. A couple good spots to get food/coffee (and a good ramen place as well as a good hot pot place). Don't live in Varna, or really anywhere outside of Ithaca if you want it to be walkable. I currently live in Varna, which is quaint, but very quiet and
  5. I'm turning down Stanford LDT Education MA today. Good luck everybody! Just realized this is a literature thread. Whoops.
  6. I'm so jealous of ya'll already hearing about interviews! Most of my applications aren't even due yet. Good luck! Does anyone know about how long it takes for schools to start reaching out about interviews?
  7. Thanks t_ruth and ZeChocMoose! I'm coming to Academia from industry (Toy), so a lot of this is new to me! SRCD looks like a fantastic resource - I'm going to look through there for leads. And I'm most interested in very early childhood work, i.e 0-3, especially 0-1, and am particularly interested in novel approaches to teaching/development at these ages. I'm going through SRCD now, but is there any group/researcher focused on that younger range that you would recommend looking at? Thanks again!
  8. Hey folks! I'm beginning my search for schools for the Fall 2019 season, and am struggling to find the best programs for research oriented PhDs in early childhood education. Any recommendations? So far, I have Harvard and Stanford on my list. Also, anyone else interested in early childhood education research? Thanks!
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