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  1. Excited to be in the same boat with y'all! I just finished my applications yesterday (applied to 7 total) and now waiting for those interviews!
  2. hi y'all! after reading many of these boards i'm so excited (and nervous!) to be applying this cycle with you all like @jlwasson, i'm also a rising senior undergraduate. i'm majoring in cognitive science (interdisciplinary, basically psychology, but i've also finished up the other science pre-reqs for GC outside of my major). i've shadowed cancer genetic counselors before, have held multiple leadership positions in a service organization on my campus, and currently work on the suicide hotline. i'm a little nervous because it feels like i don't do very much, but i know that i'm deeply invested in the few things that i do do so hopefully that's good! looking forwards to getting to know the rest of you, and to support each other through applications season!
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