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  1. @VyndianI see, never really heard about it but just looked it up. Interesting to know that people could go that length just to fool themselves.
  2. @purpleyamwhy would someone post an invite to a visit day if it wasn't legit?
  3. Awesome. Congratulations @VyndianWere you interviewed by those programs or straight accepts?
  4. Thank you @S.L.Best wishes for your applications as well. Cheers!
  5. Even if you were from an underrepresented group, just mentioning that does not do you any advantage; you still have to show what that essentially means. And really what it implies is that you are not like the "majority", but that this difference improves rather than removing from the pool. And this is why many schools specifically mention that they define diversity in the broadest sense (experience being one dimension). @SteelBitehas a good experience to write on as part of the diversity statement; the real limitation here is the extent to which the connection can be made, in the same way that
  6. Well, I did not submit one. What I would say is that your experience (teaching highs-schoolers, soldiers) appears great as that does not represent the "typical" profile of an applicant (corporate work or direct from undergraduate). I think the underlying assumption behind the need to diversify is that all things being equal a more diversified pool should have an edge, and this advantage might be related to perceptual processing (problems have to be cognitively represented appropriately and using multiple instances before the actual execution). I feel we misread the emphasis on diversity.
  7. Yes, I do. I think your application is the bridge between your connection with him and the intention to be at the specific school so without mentioning that I feel your message would be incomplete, except you are asking for a collaboration outside of the PhD. This is at least how I perceive it. I could be wrong.
  8. You're welcome @S.L.. Faculty replying is not entirely contingent upon what you've sent though many may be more inclined to respond to emails/letters that depict detailed research. Perhaps, you could try to make the connection when you write or explain if the interest is based off an extension from your work (making this connection/extension is necessary when writing a faculty, it's not the same as writing in your SOP that you are just interested in a topic). However, if I know honestly that it's not connected, I don't beat a dead horse, I'd simply frame it as having gleaned important research
  9. I wouldn't hold my breath on faculty replying. They are extremely busy especially at this time of the term. So, even if you did everything right, it's no guarantee that they will respond. However, it's not a poor idea to check back after a week or so to remind them just in case they missed the email. Did you specifically mention any papers you've read, and how the ideas tie back to your current work/expertise/interests? Sometimes, I do a bit more literature just to see if I can spot a gap but this takes some decent effort and shouldn't be hurried (I did some hurried research one time and wrot
  10. I think it's important to keep in mind that the admissions committee do not expect you to have that ideas fully formed. What I've heard they are looking out for is the conviction that you did your research and could connect your interests to those of faculty. Remember, that upon admission you are not tied to a particular professor until after 1-2 years in most schools. However, I would be cautious to apply to a school where only one professor has closely related interests. Other than the last point, you should be fine with putting up a decent connection with some faculty. It is not meant to be
  11. 😄😊, 80's nailing it? Thanks, but I don't think so.
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