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  1. I haven't heard from UBC either but most got interview dates Feb 1, so I don't think it looks good
  2. Hang in there Laura, still no news from any of my schools crossing my fingers for both of us
  3. I also received my rejection from UNCG. I haven't applied to any of those other schools. Crossing my fingers for both of us. I still have 6 chances, we got this! Keep us updated
  4. I have not applied to any new programs. I applied to Greensboro, Sarah Lawrence, McGill, UBC, Northwestern, Denver and Irvine.
  5. CONGRATS, so happy for you. I'm just wanting to get some interviews. My anxiety is high haha
  6. Officially think I'm done all my applications. I applied to 7 schools, not sure if that's enough. How many have most you applied to especially on your first year of applications. If this year doesn't work out, I'll do more next.
  7. Hi everyone! I wanted to know if anyone has experience with a volunteer crisis hotline/textline not being able to provide personal reference letters. My textline can simply provide me with a letter of verification stating how many hours I've volunteered and the conversations I've had. I know a letter from someone who can attest to your counseling abilities is quite key for several schools. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm thinking of asking a psychologist who knows me well to review the extensive good feedback I've received from the textline and can attest to my capabilities. Hope everyone else isn't running into too many issues with the application process. My stress level is just a little high right now haha
  8. I'm not sure. I got 69th Verbal, 50th Quant and 59th AWA. I'm pretty average so not sure what looks better if we were to compare. If other parts of your application are strong, I don't think you should redo it, especially if you're a first time applicant. Not sure if someone else can weight in on this, I'm no expert
  9. It sounds like your scores are fine, from what I heard as long you're above 50 you should be ok for most scores. Your GPA is amazing so I wouldn't worry and redo the GRE. Good luck!
  10. I'm not sure about in the U.K., but Canadian and American degrees are equivalent and you can work in either Canada or the US if you attend an accredited school.
  11. Thanks for this Fall I think will be stressful for all of us but we can do this! I'm thinking of applying to McGill, UofT and UBC in Canada. In the States, probably Greensboro, Irvine, Denver, Northwestern and maybe Pittsburgh. I might apply to Cardiff in the U.K. too, it's actually less expensive I think for me to study there than the States.
  12. The embryology course is really interesting and I love that you can take it at your own pace. Would highly recommend if you can afford it
  13. Hi all, so I'm applying for Fall 2019 and I am really nervous. I'm desperate to get into any program (this is my first time applying) as I just want to get grad school over and done with. I'll be graduating this fall in biochemistry with a psychology minor. My current cGpa is 3.21, but I can hopefully get it up to 3.3 after this semester. My first year was awful, but my last 2 years my cGpa is 3.7 (I have As in psychology and B+ in all upper year biochems, we don't have A+ here). I'm Canadian and go to McGill (considered like the Harvard of Canada), hence the program has been challenging. I just did my GRE and did decent 155 V/153 Q/ 4.0 AWA. I would love to stay in Canada, but it's extremely hard to get in here, so I'll be applying to American schools too. I've worked in the pharmaceutical industry for three years now in marketing/advertising and communications (past two years in oncology), have volunteered a few months in a molecular pathology lab and will start volunteering at a cancer wellness center. It's pretty much impossible to shadow a counselor here, so that sucks. I'll be volunteering for a crisis hotline in the fall. So that's me, I hope I can get in somewhere. This career feels like my calling. PS: I'm also currently taking embryology online at UC
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