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  1. A bit more research...so, I document, here, in case anyone else notices this lonely thread, knows more, or, wants to know about this subject... I called The University of The Cumberlands (not to be confused with Cumberland University), after cruising their website, which came to my attention via one of these online program ranking (for cost, predominantly) sites. I think there are broken links on The University of The Cumberlands's site, because, beneath the Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology spots, where the site offers to open up to show more of th
  2. I may have answered my own question, via a bit more research: Bottom-line lowest-cost (from per-credit-hour tuition for online) for a place that does have a psych undergrad program seem so to be Ft. Hays University, at somewhere just north of $200 per credit hour and with about 23 different undergrad psych class course offerings (just to pluck a school with a robust psych program as reference for the raw number of undergrad psych courses (save for the independent study or independent research or internships or other more esoteric upper level offerings), I count 33 at Virginia Commonwealth
  3. Yes, RezDream - and thank you so much for responding with additional inquiry - I am, indeed, an undergrad wishing to switch majors, but, with an eye towards (eventual) grad school (I work full time, plus have a young family). I'm quite sure that I wish to change my major to psych. I'm equally unsure as to what grad school or program to which I will apply. On topic, though, I have read extensively, elsewhere, and regarding my specific path, soul-searched sufficiently (and have acute awareness that following any course of action efficiently is always aided by beginning with the en
  4. I want to transfer from Bellevue U. (online) my ample credits (none in psych) into the cheapest 100% online school offering the greatest diversity of undergrad psych programs. I'm just starting to vet... The University of the Cumberland Fort Hays State University The Baptist College of Florida Valdosta State University Argosy University Grand Canyon University Ashford University University of Massachusetts - Amherst Southern New Hampshire University American Public University
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