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  1. GEMMA posted on twitter and fb to state that they are still in the selection phase. Also they won't be responding to any individual query about the process.
  2. IMAESC hasn't given any updates either. We out here in the dark lol
  3. Yeah, the schedule is on the consortium website. And the offer of admission email noted that the official results will be released on May 3rd. So I wasn't stressed just frustrated with the waiting lol So any day now I guess
  4. According to the schedule for this year, the consortium finishes its deliberations at the end of March. By the end of April we are to know the preliminary results of the scholarship.
  5. Sorry to hear. Hoping for success in Eurosud. I am applying from Jamaica
  6. Saw someone on fb revealed that NOHA offered them the scholarship. I'm assuming their results are being communicated to applicants. Good Luck.
  7. I applied to IMAESC, haven't heard anything but from the schedule the consortium would just about be finishing up with its selection. Best of Luck.
  8. Oh that's cool! I applied for the IMAESC. Conditionally admitted since I'm in final year. And now I wait
  9. Hi All, Are you applying to any EM programmes this year? Lets Chat! Regards, Dah
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