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  1. What I plan to do may not be necessary for everyone, but I plan not to take any books with me when I move for grad school. It's an opportunity to try and break a hoarding habit.
  2. I never had a professor consider it a chore to send out the letters of recommendation, either by mail or online. I'd say don't risk being suspected for fraud and put your applications at risk for this. Ask your professors.
  3. They wrote "by May" in their previous email, but they were really careful not to commit on a timeline. I wasn't quite sure if that means "before May", or "in May" to be honest. As it happened, it was the last day of April.
  4. EMCL+ applicants, check your inboxes! EACEA approved my application, and I will attend
  5. From the admittedly sparse information available online, I think that we are all waiting for the same EACEA meeting mid-May, ie they approval of all EMJMD scholarships will happen at the same session.
  6. My application at RU Groningen finally changed to " Sent to faculty" after a long time. Maybe some good news before the end of the month.
  7. I am applying from Cyprus, what about you? You are the first person I heard applying for EMCL this year, so nice to have someone to share the anxiety with :D
  8. Paralysing even! I can't decide whether I should keep applying to other programmes or wait for a clear answer from this and then decide. Applications cost, sometimes a lot :/ I hope we all have some good news soon!
  9. EMCL+ has also send preliminary acceptance notifications, but their email was carefully phrased not to commit on the issue of scholarships. Anyone knows when EACEA meets to approve the consortia recommendations?
  10. Check your inboxes! Just received an email from EMCL+ saying my application made it into the main list, and I should expect a final confirmation in May.
  11. > especially getting a domain name that is your legal name? This, especially, is also my question. Any downsides of not using your name as your domain name? What if your name is a subdomain? (yourname.somethingelse.com
  12. Thanks! Indeed the Netherlands seem to be a bit reluctant to fund students.
  13. First round of Masters applications finally completed, but I can't expect replies soon. Language and Cognition (ReMa) University of Groningen Linguistics (ReMA) Utrecht University Linguistics: General Programme (MA) Radboud University EMCL+
  14. Hello all, I am wondering what other programmes are there that have heavy focus in Clinical Linguistics research (diagnosis and rehabilitation), be it acquired or developmental language disorders. I know of the following, and if you have experience with them, I'd love to hear what you think of them as options EMCL+ (EU) Uni Potsdam's IECL (DE) Groningen's MA in Linguistics (NL) Utrecht's MA in Linguistics (not as specialised but with some related research groups) (NL) McMaster's Experimental Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics (CA) Some of the things I am looking for in a programme: English-taught (I know some German, but not enough to do academic work in it) Relatively competitive Access to neuroling research labs and/or clinical practice Opportunities for scholarships and/or stipend positions (I'm willing to work hard, but I am reluctant of tying a debt millstone around my neck) My background is in General Linguistics, without a lot of neuroscience, medical science, or statistics unfortunately. But I have some research experience and traineeships in relevant labs. My BA thesis is related to aphasia. My academic performance so far has been near top 1% of my department (I don't know officially). I do not have any publications yet, and no presentations in prestigious conferences. It has its minuses and pluses, so all in all I want to try for competitive programmes and see if I can get in.
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