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  1. I'm an incoming Phd student in contemporary at one of the programs you mentioned and got into some of the others. While I went to a good, private liberal arts college (BA only), I flat out failed 2 classes in math/science which brought my gpa down to a 3.4 and I don't think it mattered. When I was admitted to programs they said they were impressed with my writing sample and my personal statement (I think strong recs helped too). If you're considering a program thats in Italy and half taught in French, I'm assuming you have some language proficiency—at least in French? That will help a lo
  2. He shouldn't have committed to CUNY so early, but doesn't have to go there for the next decade (or however long)! He should go wherever is right for him, its a huge decision! If he wants to accept Penn he'll have to send a very apologetic email to CUNY explaining his situation and might have to pay a small fine. I was talking with a Grad Center prof. who said that last year (maybe two years ago?) someone committed to both CUNY and an Ivy on April 15 and goes to the Ivy now... so it happens for sure. I believe Penn is stronger for Medieval Art (plus he can take class w/Alicia Walker at Br
  3. So no one has heard from UPenn except that one acceptance from early Feb. right? What does it mean? It looks like they kept a waitlist in past years, is anyone thinking of calling and asking? I'm not holding my breath but would like to know!
  4. would someone claim the Stony Brook admit and message me i have a secret question
  5. @WRS looking back on the acceptances from this year and last year, I think that people on the gradcafe get deferred to MAPH... that is to say, people with real, strong cases for why they want to pursue an art history Ph.D. and are nutso enough for gradcafe have strong enough applications that when rejected for the Ph.D. are good enough for MAPH. I'm sure that places like UChicago get plenty of applications for Ph.D. programs that are kinda automatic throw aways, like that didn't have a writing sample, or are proposing something really unrelated, and those applications don't get deferr
  6. I had to check my 'promotions" tab on my gmail to get a rejection/deferred to the MA, but I don't have a Decision Document link, so might be a good sign for you... good luck!
  7. So generally I'm confused about people talking about "checking the portal" before the decision is sent out. Is checking the portal just going back to the link of the application? Like mine all say "submitted." BUT when I got rejected from USC it was like "make an account with the portal and then check your decision" and that was a different link than my application. so is there a way to check such a portal before getting an email telling you to check it?
  8. @concombre I know BUT! Congrats, whoever you are!
  9. @concombre @Mazinha88, two people got into U Chicago today https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=art+history&t=a&o=
  10. is it this? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RK4iDBMdcTm73NJV28gDE6D4_hcjXpohTCThO9lRrQE/edit?usp=sharing
  11. @warmmuffins, @artemisia says Bard says feb 15
  12. @artemisia @KynaMeow I think one of you is talking about Bard and one of you is talking about NYU? Sorry if im wrong
  13. Is it crazy to read it as a bad sign that you have been accepted to programs that are not your first choice, even though there's been no movement from programs that are your first choice (no interviews or acceptances posted yet). In other words, that a state school accepted you thinking "well he won't get into an Ivy that he'll pick over us, so accepting him isn't a risky move." my patience is wearing so thin and its not even February... maybe one of those opinionated posters from September who wasn't applying but arguing about "top schools" on this thread for some reason wants to weigh
  14. Hey! I did and was accepted, a think one or two others were: https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=art+history&t=a&o= PM me for any info. Re: why people aren't sharing info—personally, I'm paranoid about throwing anything onto the internet. If anyone got really specific about their acceptances or narrow area of interests, it would be really easy for a POI or department chair to decipher who you are. Not that we're doing anything wrong by being on this forum, but these posts are not our most thought out prose, and—at least for me—everything ever is sup
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