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  1. Hey! I have received an offer from Maine which I plan on accepting! I am from Canada and never been to Maine, so your info is super helpful! I was wondering in regard to the apartments are there any that you would advise steering clear from? I wasn't sure if there are some with just bad reputations or known for housing younger undergrad students or something? also not sure if you or someone else knows, but I am wondering about the general layout of program classes? Like I assume it generally works out to be 6 semesters long similar to other schools? do the clinical placements happen in the summer months? If anyone has seen this kinda info online and could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!!
  2. Do those of you who have heard back from Dal still have this listed on the website? Application Status: Decision Made Decision: Written Notification to Follow
  3. Same here! I just checked and my online also says decision made. I was starting to worry they messed up my email address or something!!
  4. glad i'm not alone! They seem to be all over the place with the way they are sending things! I kind of expected to hear back today though!
  5. are there people still waiting to hear from Dal?
  6. Did anyone receive any letters other than acceptances from Dal? (waitlisted or rejected??)
  7. Mine still says 'Under Review'! I am totally stressing though lol
  8. Had you already graduated undergrad when you applied? When I was researching some in the UK it seemed as though you couldn’t be finishing your final year and applying for the following year. Thanks!
  9. @whalezie I applied to be considered for provisional to do my prereqs there next year! If I don't get in I will probably apply to another school in the states as a non degree seeking student or a post bac program to take the pre reqs next year
  10. I applied to Maine this year. I am Canadian with an undergrad in Psychology. I would be super interested to see others input because I also haven't been able to find much! What drew me was the cheaper tuition for Canadian students compared to other international students.
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