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  1. mehmoh

    Master scholarship in EU

    Can anyone tell me which EU universities offer masters in economics with scholarships that cover tuition and living expenses? I do not want to apply to Britain universities and I know about Bonn, CEMEFI, Carlos, BI, and Tinbergen. I applied them all.
  2. mehmoh

    Bad undergrad GPA and excellent masters GPA

    NO answer?
  3. Hi, I am an international student (Iran) and I want to apply for masters or Ph.D. degree in economics in Canada. But I am in a complicated situation.my bachelor degree is in Mathematics with a low GPA (2.50/4). I changed my field for masters and studied economics with a great GPA (4/4). (both in on of the best universities in Iran). I prefer to study masters of economics again in Canada. But honestly, I don't know it is the right decision or not. My bachelor GPA is lower than all the university requirement. if I apply for masters degree again would they consider my masters GPA or Bachelor GPA? Am I eligible to be admitted to one of the universities?Furthermore, If I want to study Ph.D., how much my undergraduate GPA is important? I am going to take GRE next month and having the score 170 in Quant is quite possible.

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