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  1. If it has been 1 month since my interview, and I have not heard anything regarding my admission status, is it appropriate to email my POI? How would I phrase asking about my status?
  2. Has anyone heard from Loyola Chicago post-interview?
  3. if the san diego JDP posters feel comfortable sharing their PI's initials, please DM me! Congrats!
  4. If the San Diego JDP posters feel comfortable sharing their PI's initials, please DM me. Congrats!
  5. Has anyone heard anything from the University of Miami post-interview?
  6. Yes, I received an invitation to the interview weekend in December
  7. School: SDSU/UCSD JDP Type: PhD Date of invite: 01/16/2019 Type of invite: Phone call from POI Interview date(s): February 11-12
  8. Has anyone heard from the University of Colorado Denver, the SDSU/UCSD JDP, or UIC? If so, please PM me! Thank you!
  9. School: Loyola University Chicago Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/11 Type of invite: Email from DCT (not mass) Interview dates: Feb 1 or Feb 8
  10. Can the person who posted about Loyola Chicago please PM initials? Thanks!
  11. Can those that received an interview invite from UIC please DM me PI info? Congrats and thank you!
  12. Whoever posted about UIC can you please message me POI initials? Also, if you could please let me know the interview date that would be great!
  13. School: University of Miami Type: Clinical Psychology PhD (Health Track) Date of Invite: 12/20 Type of invite: Email of POI Interview date(s): 1/24-1/26
  14. Received official invite to interview at U of Miami! Received an email from the POI. Applied to the Clinical Psychology PhD program (Health track)
  15. Whoever received an official interview invite to U of Miami...Can you please let me know POI Initials? Did you receive an email directly from POI or mass email?
  16. Northwestern Feinberg (city campus) or northwestern university (Evanston campus)?
  17. I attended a conference this week, and won an award for my poster. This was obviously not on my applications because all of my applications were due by Dec. 1. Should I be contacting programs/PIs regarding this award? Is it worth it just for a poster presentation?
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