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  1. The amount is for the year, but I am an advanced standing student, so for me, it’s only a year.
  2. I received $28,000 for the leadership scholarship. I need more though. The fact that the internship takes so much of our time, it is tough to hold any job.
  3. Have you received the financial aid package update? I’m still waiting on it. I wanted to know if there is a chance for me to get more in scholarships. I really need it.
  4. Well, I’m married and only applied for schools in Chicago as it would be hard to move. The way I look at it is, I applied to Loyola, Uchicago and UIC. I was accepted at the 3 schools. Loyola costs $30k, Uchicago $48k and UIC $17k. All these numbers are approximate. With the scholarship offer I received, Uchicago becomes super attractive and competitive in price as well, besides being a top school. The other schools does not have many options for financial aid. I am hoping to receive more in need-base scholarship, but I am determined to get my masters, so I guess if we want to do it, we have no choice but to take some student loans and move forward with our dreams.
  5. I just spoke with the admissions’ office. She told me that the need-base scholarship and student loans are processed by another entity within the university. They are working on providing everyone’s information by next week, before the decision is due. She said she can’t garantee, but she will keep in touch as she understands that it is everyone’s concern to know the bigger picture before making a decision.
  6. I received 28,000 for the leadership scholarship, and I have accepted it, since I am local. I read every section of that website, but they do not give an speciafic date. They mentioned it take a few weeks to hear back about the need-based scholarship. I am really hoping I can get some more funds as I won’t have any income while in school. I hope to hear back soon. Congrats to you
  7. I guess we will be together! I received the same type of scholarship! Congrats!
  8. Guys, I just received my acceptance lettee for SSA in the advanced standing program. Also received a $28k scholarship. Im so happy!
  9. When I look at posts from last year, people said they got accepted at around january 20th. It makes sense for them to start sending out letters soon. Let’s keep our hopes up.
  10. Anybody else applying for the advanced standing program at the UChicago? Just wondering. I hope we can hear back soon. This is torture
  11. Definetely! I cannot wait.
  12. Social work MSW in mental health specialization.
  13. Haha, me too! I am applying ro advanced standing program. Fingers crossed.
  14. I applied to UIC as well. What is your major?
  15. I applied as well about the same date. Which program are you applying to? I can’t wait to hear back. ??
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