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  1. Has anyone else received a result yet? My application says "Assesment in progress", and I have two deadlines from other universities to accept admission coming soon 😧
  2. What track did you apply for at USC?
  3. Can you include more European universities? It would be helpful.
  4. Got academic eligibility for MS in CS from USC Viterbi. I still need to provide financial information to receive a formal admission letter.
  5. Hi, I applied to Aarhus and Copenhagen. Have you heard back from Copenhagen? My application still says "Assesment in progress".
  6. Hi, Today I took the GRE General test and got 160q and 156v. For my Bachelor's, I graduated with honors from CS with a 9.34/10.00. However, my CGPA is 8.80/10.0 because I was previously enrolled in another program. I have no research experience, and have been working for around 3 years. Do I have a decent chance of being admitted into ETH Zurich or KU Leuven? TU Delft requires a min. 154v and 163q, should I desist from applying to this university? What Msc programs in Europe would you recommend as a reasonable prospect for my profile?
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