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  1. saramariek

    Fall 2019 Social Psychology Applicant Thread

    A huge congrats to whoever was accepted to Penn State!! Would you mind messaging me your POI? And if you had an interview? I would so appreciate it!! Thank you!! Also a huge huge congrats again, what an awesome program!!!
  2. saramariek

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    Great!! keeping my fingers crossed for ya!!
  3. saramariek

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    I haven't heard anything either! I was under the impression we probably wouldn't be hearing anything until closer to february/mid-february, but I could definitely be wrong. I'm anxious to hear from them though!!
  4. saramariek

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    Ah thank you so much! Yes that was mine!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
  5. saramariek

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    Yes! I'm being flown out for an interview in February! I think they have ten interview applicants

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