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  1. AbdulBasitMirza

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Withdraw button disappeared! Program: Electrical Engineering + Information Technology
  2. AbdulBasitMirza

    ETH ESOP 2019

    My withdraw button is still there too. I think it depends upon the program and the date we submitted out application. What's your program? My intended program is Electrical Engineering Master and I submitted my application on 6th December 2018.
  3. AbdulBasitMirza

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Just curious why Electrical Department has not started interviewing. Didn't heard about any Electrical Engineering applicant getting an invitation for interview.
  4. AbdulBasitMirza

    ETH ESOP 2019

    You also an interview for ESOP?
  5. AbdulBasitMirza

    ETH ESOP 2019

    My GRE Scores are Verbal: 152 Quant: 164 AW: 3.5. Am I in the safe zone or these scores are a bit low?
  6. AbdulBasitMirza

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Great to know that you got an invitation for interview. Can you share your academic profile? like publications, work experience?
  7. AbdulBasitMirza

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Hello, I applied for Electrical Engineerng + Information Technology Master. Also ESOP and MSP

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