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  1. They called me a few days ago to tell me I was admitted. I was just letting people who haven't heard yet know. American/methods
  2. I should've mentioned this sooner but the letter said they admitted 25 of almost 500 applicants
  3. Harvard portal just updated for me, just so y'all know
  4. Just got the email from Harvard FYI
  5. I suspect this is true. Not sure why they called some people early. I'll post here when I get an email from them just to let you guys know
  6. Oh, my bad, that was me... I got a phone call but I just picked the wrong option. Sorry about that
  7. Call it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just got the call from Cambridge. In at Harvard. Good luck to everybody! I'm done for the cycle!!!!!!
  9. Interesting that it wasn't a POI... person must have been very interested in your work. Congratulations and farewell from this godforsaken website, may our paths cross again in Valhalla.
  10. Well, I don't think you should give up yet. No one has posted on the survey
  11. Yeah, idk about Yale, but expect Harvard Thurs or Fri
  12. Claiming that first American/methods Columbia acceptance
  13. That's annoying, but good to know. Thank you for asking!
  14. 😉 But yeah I definitely thought we were going to get something this week from Columbia or Harvard. I guess there is hope yet
  15. MRW it's Friday afternoon and I open a loud video in public when I thought my headphones were in
  16. I would say probably business casual. Academia is not like industry, people don't expect a very high level of dress. For men that usually means a tie, button down, and khakis. For women, whatever the equivalent of that is (sorry for the vagueness, I have no experience dressing myself as a woman, LOL). Full suits are too much, I think, but it's probably (slightly) better to be overdressed than under if you're worried.
  17. To be fair, I don't think Columbia is later than they usually are, really. As for Harvard, we could easily be waiting another week
  18. How can we get people to stop posting forum comments on the survey? There are sometimes 3 "results" that are just communications in between actual results the survey was meant for. It's making it harder for posterity to understand the results
  19. Yeah, I'll disagree mildly with this and say that you do not need to try to impress them. Don't make up questions if you don't have any. You've already been admitted! Now is your chance to be a little selfish and let them sell you. I usually just ask whoever I'm talking with about their work, and if I might be able to join their lab should I come to their school.
  20. Same thing is happening to me. Applied everywhere thinking I would get in 1 place
  21. I've been admitted at Duke, UNC, Princeton, Berkeley, Stony Brook, MIT, NYU, UCLA
  22. Thanks!! And nope, it was an email
  23. In at Stanford. American/methods
  24. These kinds of questions are hard for people to answer. We are all pretty much in the same boat in terms of the information we have. If you didn't receive an acceptance, then your chances are probably lower, yes. But you can't know until you know. You know?
  25. Eh it's not THAT bad... stats is fun y'all! What's not fun is trying to walk up the hill on State St. and sliding backwards despite walking forwards
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