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  1. From talking to GEM this is the case, disappointing my internship offer doesn't fit with my goals/interests and would wish to just be considered for associate! too bad they dont allow this.
  2. If I reject an offer from an employer, can I still be considered for the Associate Fellowship?
  3. I applied to 12 last year and that felt like almost too many! I would try to narrow it down to 15 schools if possible to save you and your recommenders some time and money! i.e. maybe the programs are all good fits, but which 15 of those would you most prefer to live in is important to consider too
  4. The bay area has an amazing music scene, comparable to the diversity of NYC's music scene. in berkeley in particular: right on campus is the greek theater which has a ton of top tier concerts, and in oakland are many great hip music venues like the Fox Theater and The New Parish. Not to mention, SF is 30 minutes away which doubles the amount of concerts and music life going on. You can definitely find open mic nights and jazz bars. In berkeley specifically, a local favorite for open mic and "funk night" on thursdays is the starry plough bar in south berkeley. options are limitless since oakla
  5. I just graduated from berkeley and am a now current PhD student at another university, and I can tell you that's pretty much as good a stipend as it gets (except ivy leagues pay like $40k/yr, but thats such a small difference), unless you have fellowships to add onto school funding. you can definitely thrive in berkeley on $36k a year, i survived on half that as an undergrad, paying my own rent. you just wont be saving too much, but that's phd life for everyone. berkeley chemistry is one of the top chemistry departments in the world, definitely plan on going there! also berkeley is a great cit
  6. The prospective mentor emailed me directly. I think that's typically how they would reach out, but phone also possible.
  7. Actually now I see: I was "Released" by the company that reached out to me this week interview (which will occur this week/hasn't happened yet). I'll assume it's just the system being weird as they figure things out.
  8. Me too! Weird that it happened to all of us today. DIdn't get to see who it was "Held" with, though. I heard the new system's been causing some confusion for GEM employers so don't lose hope, possibly a glitch!
  9. Was reached out to for interview today! Status has been "Matched" for about two weeks.
  10. Thanks! Yes it does seem like a tiny department but they put a ton of funding into a new electrochemical energy center which seems good. Unfortunately at UCSD they couldn't guarantee me funding for the first year and "TA positions are very competitive" so I'm not sure if I could even go there if I wanted to! Very weird how they admit but without funding, public schools man
  11. Does anyone know anything about Columbia Materials? Deciding now between Columbia and UCSD. Interested in electrochemistry
  12. i got honorable mention, wonder if that could persuade the schools i'm waitlisted for? I heard that happening to a friend of friend for a PhD at UCSF. not sure. congrats to those that won! I'll probably apply again next year. woooo
  13. Thank you @TITX and @matscigradapp! appreciate the insight. Yes I'm the same way, I love the nature and chill vibes in SD but I'm a city person (grew up right next to SF) so am worried I would miss out on food / nightlife / general things to do. Anyways we'll see, thinking about it!
  14. just got into UCSD! now considering between UCSD and UCLA.... any thoughts on quality of life at the two schools for a PhD in mat sci? research fit is pretty good at both schools. still waiting to hear from other also cool options but just thought i'd ask if anyone went to/has spent time at UCLA or UCSD! thanks
  15. We applied to a lot of the same schools. Are you planning on going to any visit weekends? So far I've only heard from MIT (reject), Stanford (reject) and UCLA (accepted!). Hoping to hear this week from at least one more (waiting on NINE schools!) , the wait is driving me nuts! UCLA visit weekend March 8th but no travel assistance so waiting to plan based on other offers. Will likely end up going though!
  16. Hi people! Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): Top 5 public, prestigious for both physics and MSE Major(s): Physics Overall GPA: 3.48/4.00 Demographics/Background: US citizen, female GRE Scores: Q: 160 (74%) V: 154 (84%) W: 5.0 (92%) LOR: 2 Professors & 1 staff scientist (national lab) all from different research projects, though one prof is from research project in a different STEM field. Research Experience: 2 years research experience. current project (2 years long): materials characterization using tomography, writing first author
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