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  1. Hello! I'm starting grad school in the Fall, and I could use some tips on getting my thoughts organized as I've been out of school for four years. I would like to go in as prepared as possible in terms of reviewing my notes and preparing an organization system so that I begin my work smoothly. I'm fortunate enough to have the next two months mostly free and would really like to maximize my free time to prepare for my PhD. I'm currently reviewing my notes from undergrad, reading my advisor's/relevant people's work, and reading a textbook recommended to me by my advisor as a refresher
  2. FYI - Just got my official letter via SGS website today
  3. That is a good sign - my ACORN also shows that status! Fingers crossed that you're in, especially since you said you were interviewing at UTM as well ?
  4. POI emailed me to let me know, and the official letter via mail and electronic version via SGS website are forthcoming!
  5. Hey guys, just got my official letter from U of T - hopefully you guys have, too
  6. Hey guys! I'm a Canadian applicant to U of T's MA program. My POI informed me last week that official letters are in the works, so they should be coming very shortly
  7. Hey guys! I was contacted by a POI on Tuesday and I applied to the general clinical psych field but correspondence has been suuuuper slow.
  8. eggs.pdf

    Toronto, ON

    Hello! Check out: viewit.ca padmapper.com Not sure about the range around that area, but it'll definitely be more affordable than downtown on the minimum U of T stipend. U of T should also have a housing board where you can check out some apartments that are up for rent around campus - you will probably have less competition looking through those listings. Good luck, and congratulations on your acceptance!!
  9. Thanks for the advice! Great to know - I have a similar email style so that makes me feel better just being myself in my follow-up
  10. Hey all! I've just done my interview/recruitment days with my top POI choice and found out I'm his only chosen candidate, his candidate last year accepted an offer elsewhere, and he's only working with one PhD student who is in their fourth year. He's also expressed that he'd be "thrilled" to work with me, but knows I have other choices. Overall, things sound pretty good and we get along extremely well. I haven't gotten an official acceptance though and don't want to get my hopes up to 100%. I'd like to send him a follow-up tomorrow thanking him for inviting me to the recruitment ev
  11. Awesome, thanks for the info! Very helpful. Ha, I will be at UTM as well Good luck with all your interviews and tours and hope you get in!
  12. Nope - the only clinical psychology program at U of T is at UTSC. St. George has a psychology program (not clinical) - irrelevant, but that's why I apologized for going OT because I can't seem to find anywhere else to ask about it and thought others may have tried to apply to both programs like I did ?
  13. I applied to both UTSC and the MA program at St. George, but not to OISE. Sorry for the confusion!
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