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  1. No problem! just a question that might be off topic but thought I'd ask anyway, is anyone trying to seek summer employment before the program starts? I've been looking for some 4 month positions but to no avail
  2. Thank you! I applied on Nov 15th and my referees uploaded their references by Nov 17th, I also made my payment on the 15th for the application fee.
  3. I got interviewed and unfortunately rejected by MACSE. not even put on the waiting list. I did however get accepted to my first choice, MT. that being said, I received both my rejection and acceptance on the same day. Maybe they are waiting to know both responses for you as well, so I would still have hope. wishing you all the best!
  4. Thanks so much! I'm currently in my 4th year of undergrad and am graduating with a BCOMM. My last ten courses averaged out to be an 88%, and I have experience working with youth in volunteer initiatives such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and other non profit organizations. My references came from a professor I have taken several courses with, and a supervisor from the non profit. Hope this helps!
  5. Tomorrow!! Goodluck! Really hope it goes well and if you could share some interview insights once its done! Again best of luck
  6. I read from multiple sources that emails go out every business day up until almost the end of February! so there is still loads of time for sure
  7. Also, I just saw that the MT application deadline has been extended to end of January, which will likely push when they send out acceptances as well. It looks like the same thing happened last year, as I was reading reddit posts that said they extended the deadline for 2018
  8. Hey guys! I just came across this forum and wish I did earlier... I was looking for one since application period started last September! I applied to both MACSE and MT P/J. I received an email today regarding an invitation to a MACSE interview for February 2nd. Does anyone know what types of questions will be asked or know anyone who has done the interview? MT is my first choice (for now). Hopefully we all get in to the programs we want!!!
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