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  1. I believe the committee has already “cleared” a group of prospective students for admission, and it has been up to individual PIs as to whether students are admitted right away or after a campus visit. The official visit weekend seems to be mid-March. Which PI were you interested in working with? Feel free to PM me; one of my close friends applied to UMich, was accepted, and recently declined the offer of admission. From talking to her, it sounds like the process is still rolling. Best of luck to you!
  2. No official offers that I know of. Hope that helps, fingers crossed for you!
  3. Hey! I heard back from UMich EES a while ago; the admissions committee has already greenlit a group of applicants for official admits. From that point onwards it seems to be up to individual PIs to select the students they want to admit. A lot of them (although not the one I’ve been in touch with) will only make formal offers after they’ve invited students to visit, so maybe there’s an email or phone call on its way to you in the near future! A friend of mine who also applied to this program is visiting in mid-March and will only know if she’s been accepted/rejected after that.
  4. Heard back from University of Michigan just earlier today! Was invited to a visit weekend in mid-March, which I’m stoked about.
  5. So nice to meet you all! Anyone hear back from University of Michigan Earth and Environmental Science?
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