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  1. Hi everybody! Has anyone heard of updates on Columbia Earth and Environmental Engineering admission for Fall 2019? There is only one acceptance for master in January on the result session and nothing more.....I emailed the school last week and got a pretty generic answer saying that they are working hard on it. I looked through the gradcafe website and it seems that very few people apply to this program (and actually use the gradcafe as well)...So I would really appreciate it if you can share any updates/news/information/whatsoever about this program. Thanks!
  2. I just received their invitation to open house like a few minutes ago, the open house is on March 8th and should RSVP by Feb.28th, so I'm guessing there might be an email coming to you very soon in the next few days. Best of luck to you!
  3. Thank you for the info!!! Seems like I have to keep my hope and keep waiting...
  4. Does anyone have any updates on Umich EES recently? The PI contacted me like a month ago saying he is waiting for the committee's decision and I never heard back since then, and he didn't reply to my follow-up email either. Does it mean I'm turned down by the committee ......
  5. Yes I was referring to University of Washington...I didn't get the invitation to their visit day so I'm guessing probably rejection coming later....I'm waiting on UCLA too! Fingers crossed for us all.
  6. Hi I also applied for environmental engineering in UW. Have you heard of any updates yet? So far the environmental engineering programs I applied are all radio silence.....
  7. My brain keeps singing "All I want for Valentine's is admission~~~I don't care about the chocolate/or the shiny dinner plates/I just want to let you know/I love you more than you ever know/make my wish come true/All I want for Valentine's is admission!" all day....but still nothing comes out....
  8. Applied for Environmental Engineering (PhD) in UW, UCLA, Columbia...haven't heard anything from them yet. Anybody has updates from these universities?
  9. Just keep refreshing my email but there is nothing coming out.....feeling like having to fill myself up with all the other things to stop me from checking my email every single minute. Especially after seeing the schools that I applied released results last year around these two weeks!
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