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  1. Does Columbia fund it's Counseling Psych Master's students?
  2. I got in! Woot! Only one school out of 9, but decent funding and the program seems rad. Thank the goddess!
  3. Hi all, looks like Rutgers accepted folks last week and the week before for social work PhD—anyone know if they are still putting out offers how does waitlisting work? Do they tell you if you are on one?
  4. sweet! did you accept? what is the deadline to accept?
  5. Does anyone know what funding looks like for Seton Hall--Ga? tuitions waivers? health insurance?
  6. Congrats to you! do you know if you’ll be funded?
  7. How do you know this information? I see the acceptances are coming in over time. A couple in the first week of fed and then one last week on the results page... I thought they'd all go out at once?
  8. But do you think that means all the acceptances went out?
  9. Hey all saw a couple acceptances for Rutgers social work PhD on the results page. posted last week am I doomed
  10. Hi! What do you know about their process? is there an inteview? How do you get word? Any idea how competitive it is?
  11. Hey, Will they just send a decison? Do they not do interviews?
  12. Hello, When RSVPing for an interview, it was offered that I could interview with multiple faculty. I had identified a POI, but wonder if interivewing with more folks might increase my chances. However, I don't want to slight the POI i've been having brief correspondance with. What do folks thing I should do? Just interview with my intital POI, or interview with other faculty who might also fit the bill
  13. thanks, anyone know anything about Rutger's Phd process? I have a ton of experience and would want full funding for an MSW--are there specific programs folks know of that offer this?
  14. Hi all, Do you know if Social Work PhD's do interviews for candidates or do they just accept or reject based on the app. Psychology programs do interviews before determining acceptance and I wasn't sure if it's the same in Social Work? Also, does anyone know of schools with MSW's that provide funding?
  15. hey all, so, when folks ask about mass email vs POI emails, is this because mass emails usually indicated an end of the road, like you made the interview or didn't, and your done? Vs. POI's are like as they make it through the apps targeting them, if they want they'll reach out to you for an interview? If you don't make the interview cut, are you basically done?
  16. Who’s yr PoI at seton and what kind of qualifications /GRE you working with? does seton fund?
  17. hey all, Anyone know anything about Counseling Psych: University of Maryland? Seton Hall? Columbia? NYU? Leigh? Fordham? Or Rutgers dual Social Work degree? Good luck to all!
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