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  1. FYI As a rule, a pre-selection round or an assessment of incoming applications is carried out by a pre-selection committee in your home country. The pre-selection committee may be made up of local university teachers (with special consideration given to former DAAD scholarship holders and former Alexander von Humboldt Foundation scholarship holders), German university teachers and assistant professors appointed by the DAAD, lecturers from the Goethe-Institut, representatives of the relevant ministries or partner organisations of the DAAD or the relevant DAAD regional office. The final decision is generally made by a selection committee of German university teachers with the involvement of staff members from the DAAD head office in Bonn. However, the latter have no voting rights. The selection committee for the final decision is appointed by the DAAD Executive Committee on the basis of academic and regional factors. The selection committee members review the submitted applications and then judge the reasons given for the application on the basis of their knowledge of the general and academic circumstances in the applicant's country of origin and in Germany. They assess the plausibility and feasibility of the project, the status of preparations for the stay in Germany, how the stay is integrated into the applicant's schedule of studies or academic career, the applicant's academic qualifications and language skills. If necessary, experts of the respective subject are asked to submit written statements. The applicant's academic qualifications and personal suitability are the decisive factors in all scholarship award decisions. The DAAD selection committees will, above all, base their decision on the proof of academic achievements, on letters of recommendation submitted by university teachers and on a description of the study or research project in question. Specifically, the following selection criteria will be taken into consideration: 1. Previous academic achievements and examination results as well as the applicant's particular knowledge in his/her academic field 2. Letter from a German university teacher confirming the provision of academic supervision for the applicant; proof of contacts between the applicant's home and host institutes 3. Where appropriate, proof of German language skills 4. General questions of character and personality that are of significance to the success of a stay abroad 5. Where appropriate, the significance in terms of development policy of the proposed project for the home country 6. The extent to which the applicant will be able to apply the experience gained in Germany back in the home country (prospects for career re-integration, particularly relevant in the case of scholarship award decisions for applicants from developing countries) Once the application has been reviewed, it will be rated on the basis of a points system. This is then used to produce a ranking list and finally to award the scholarships in accordance with the number of available places. Decisions are documented in writing at the DAAD head office. Applicants are advised of the results of the selection process. The diversity of assessment elements, their weighting in relation to each other and the assurance of absolute confidentiality of the decision-making process in the selection committee mean that applicants are not advised of the reasons for decisions.
  2. Hi Huka, Thank you for the clarifications and your patience in writing me. Please do not misunderstand that part of my write up. I actually wrote that for everybody not for you.. Thats why I started with FOR OTHER APPLICANTS.....its a kind of advice to all of us, so that we will not have a kind of shock instead be in controllable mode and at the same time have our hopes high. I hope that is clear now.... I look forward to seeing much of you guys soon. For now I am in Hamburg and studying in Hamburg. Cheers
  3. Hi HUKA, Your write up is really commendable but I am a little bit confuse with your write ups, You said you got the scholarship masters, in 2018/2019, which means you will be finishing your masters in 2020 (two years is masters in Germany) and actually you are still on scholarship. How come you applied for PhD in 2019/20 on the same DAAD portal. Is it possible? For other applicants, Please never say it is over until it is really over. The scholarship process depends on your country, your region and your location...This simply means that everybody has equal chances of been selected or been rejected and in all, keep your hopes in a more controllable mode. Regards
  4. Dear Gyedu, I guess you are following the update. I only decided to let people know what I have. I guess thats the only way to help humanity. Like I said earlier that the selection committees are meeting this week and I have an update that they just finished meeting. By now you would have seen that the selection has been concluded and their are about 78-89 committees made up of about 400 persons including professors. Three weeks from now and possibly first week of march you will receive an offer letter if you are successful......Just like it was stated in the call for the scholarship, the award depends on the availability of fund and the number of applicants. Once again, I wish all of you the very best of luck. Ellacity
  5. Dear Allegoriya, The information I pasted here is 100% correct. I am referring to PhD Research in Germany, I am not sure for that of Masters...The fact that your status remained application submitted doesnt mean there are issues. As a norm, DAAD always keep students informed on the level of the application and that is usually done on your portal. Like when you submitted your application you are meant to receive the application summary, when your application is accepted for selection, you are meant to also receive a confirmation of such movement... Last year, a colleague of mine received such letter, this year also some people received such letter and thats how I know. Nevertheless it might be country dependent just as you have rightly said. Ellacity
  6. Hi Arias, No they didnt meet last week, possibly because they said first week of February which coincidentally 1st of Feb was on Friday and may be thats why you think they sat last week..
  7. Hi, The Good news is that the selection committee is currently meeting and the result of the selection will be out by the end of the month or at most Early March. If you have not done interview by now, it means your country is not part of the countries that suppose to conduct interview and in such case your application will be considered in the selection committee. By now, you all would have received a letter officially confirming that DAAD received your application and further directives. The selection process is already on the call for the scholarship. For now, just keep your fingers crossed and look up for some lucks. I wish you all the very best of the process. Ellacity
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