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  1. Hi @Lllok, previous applicant speaking. The first thing I would do is definitely make sure your verbal is competitive - reading from your post you should be able to get in the 165 range...which is great. As for quant, I know a lot of people with mid Q 150's who have gotten into top programs - although not anyone specific to Columbia phD with a sub-160, so I don't want to speak to that. Honestly, if you're already expecting around 155, I would recommend to put in around 20-30 hours give or take (I know it's stupid, but actually not too much time!) and try and get it up to around 160. I think
  2. For which program?! I'm feeling the itch to call a few departments too at this point...
  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement, but it's a no for them unfortunately =(
  4. I see it too, although there was nothing there for me when you guys posted about it yesterday. The form itself just sounds like a safe-measure notification for all of us to sign but I have no idea if they would send this now to every person who applied in December. Sighhh...who knows
  5. Anyone else who haven't heard from U.Chicago yet see a link to Decision Documents in their portal? It's empty when I click on it though. Oh boy, I feel as if I should brace myself for a rejection letter tomorrow.
  6. Congrats @JAKH! May I ask if your application portal has been updated? Getting more and more nervous each day, and it certainly doesn't help that U.Chicago is one of my top choices if not my first choice...!
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