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  1. I got a decision mail today! It asked me to check the status update. AND I got in! I hope you guys got a good news as well.
  2. Oh no...:( I got the same response...
  3. Anybody heard back from MIT?
  4. Thanks for wishing me luck. I finished my interview . i will tell u guys as soon as i get a result!
  5. @designtown944Thank you again! I will share my interview exp. as soon as I recover it from. @Raphaellin i see. That's a relief. I got a msg from interviewer that he will ask about my interests in program.
  6. @designtown944 thank you ?! I applied Mdes also, MIT media lab, and CMU Miips. I haven't got any email from them. how about you ?? @Raphaellin hmmm... me too.... I am designer working in different country although i have US undergraduate degree. I am starting to think that reasons for the interview are to see our sufficient eng. skill and how can we collaborate with other departments?
  7. I got an interview request yesterday and it is on coming weekend. As @pensivefont said, it is not required and I believe it doesn't mean much.. so no worries. But...I would like to know if anybody else got the request too.. if did, who are the interviewer? are you an international student? designer?
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